Notable: Mitch Dobrowner, The Prophecies of William Blake, 21st Editions, Re-Release

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Image Courtesy of Mitch Dobrowner and 21st Editions

Image Courtesy of Mitch Dobrowner and 21st Editions

21st Editions, purveyors of fine art photography books like few others, have a new card up their sleeve with the recent release of Mitch Dobrowner’s The Prophecies of William Blake.

Mitch Dobrowner has catapulted his way to great recognition and success in these past few years with both daring and finesse.

Winning the Sony World Photography Awards’ Photographer of the Year (from more than 100,000 entrants) gained Dobrowner attention from press around the world.

Having been sold out for some time, this copy (#26) of The Prophecies of William Blake, with an introduction by John Wood, is newly available for purchase.

While 21st Editions’s books are always a little bit of an investment, but never a regretful purchase. If you’re wanting one of these handcrafted beauties, contact Pam or Steve at 508-398-3000.

For More Information: 21st Editions

Preview: Ian Ruhter “Silver & Light”, Fahey Klein Gallery,LA

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Ian Ruhter Exhibition


A new exhibit for Ian Ruhter:

Ian Ruhter had been working as a successful commercial and sports photographer when he first discovered the wet plate collodion process.The nineteenth century photographic process involves pouring a liquid mixture of iodides, bromides, and a solution called collodion over a glass or aluminum plate. The plate is then bathed in silver nitrate, making it light-sensitive. The plate must then be quickly exposed and developed in just a few minutes, before the collodion dries and loses sensitivity. The process is expensive, laborious, and extremely unpredictable. Temperature and moisture affect the chemicals greatly and can entirely alter the developing process, ruining a wet plate. But the results of this labor intensive process are undeniable– a completely unique and incredibly detailed image, with rich layers of silver suspended in emulsion producing a three dimensional effect. Because the process is produced and controlled entirely by hand, each plate is inherently unique, with the chemicals’ process leaving irregular and impossible to reproduce beautiful ghostly shadows, halos, and ripples in each plate.

Now through November 29.

For more information:Fahey/Klein Gallery



Notable: Eadweard Muybridge Panorama, Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco Panorama, Eadweard Muybridge

San Francisco Panorama, Eadweard Muybridge

The adage is that things used to be made better. There are multiple pieces of evidence, however,  they didn’t always recognize how good was the quality. Case in point, this great find:

This San Francisco Panorama photograph by Eadweard Muybridge hung in the Crocker Land Company offices at 560 Market Street for decades. Recently it was rediscovered by a collector who recognized its value as one of the rare Muybridge panoramic views of San Francisco measuring over seven feet long and housed in a handsome period wooden frame.

11 mounted prints, 1877. Printed & mounted by TE Hecht circa 1895, from Muybridge’s original negatives.

Frame: 19-1/2” x 97-3/8”
Mount: 11-7/8” x 89-7/8”

It’s not that often a photo with size this staggering, let alone the provenance, appears on the scene. Add to the fact that it so beautifully portrays one of America’s most admired cities, any fan of photography within a stone’s throw of the Golden Gate should give it a look.

For More Information: Scott Nichols Gallery


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