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 If you  will be able to travel to Atlanta in October, Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) is holding its annual photography festivities again this fall. Included is a great opportunity to have your portfolio work reviewed. Apply today!

The ACP 2014 Portfolio Review and Walk offers artists the opportunity to meet with highly respected curators, dealers, editors, and agency representatives from across the United States and beyond. The Portfolio Walk (following the review sessions) gives participating photographers the opportunity to present their work to the general public at an evening reception, open to all.

Sponsored in part by Turner Broadcasting and their “Turner Voices” initiative, 17 reviewers and 51 artists will meet on Saturday, October 11th, 2014. Each photographer will meet privately with at least five reviewers for twenty minutes each.

Anyone can apply for this excellent learning opportunity but it comes with a couple of caveats. First, because of there regularly being a surplus of applicants, not all those who apply will be able to take part. Secondly, if you happen to be accepted, there is a charge of $300. Considering the potential exposure and networking opportunities on top of what one might learn, it’s still very much worth it to those who are dedicated. Make sure to act fast as the deadline for submission is July 27th.

For More Information: Atlanta Celebrates Photography

To Apply For the Portfolio Review: ACP Review Application

Preview: Tres Visiones, Manuel Carrillo, Manueal Alvarez Bravo, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Scheinbaum & Russek Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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With its close proximity to Latin America, it would be tragic to see Santa Fe photography galleries skirt the vast artistic and cultural offerings of its native and local peoples. Fortunately this is not the case for Scheinbaum & Russek; they are hosting three talented photographers whose careers properly represent Mexican artistry for the duration of the summer.

This is the case in our upcoming exhibition Tres Visiones. The three photographers, Manuel Álvarez Bravo (1902 – 2002), Manuel Carrillo (1906 – 1989) and Luis González Palma (B. 1957) have used their camera to interpret, document, reveal and reflect on their cultures with a high photographic aesthetic that results in compelling and sensitive results.

Scheinbaum and Russek Ltd. have worked with all three of these artists for many years. In recent years we have collaborated with Verve Gallery of Photography in presenting the works of Manuel Carrillo. We have amassed a group exhibition that contains their most well known and sought after imagery and rare works that have been seldom exhibited. We are proud to be sharing these works with our Santa Fe community.

Fans of any of the artists should be keen to check out the exhibit, as many photos that have rarely been on display to the public will be available. The show will conclude on September 9th.

For More Information: Scheinbaum & Russek Gallery 

Notable: Rich and Poor Book Reissue, Jim Goldberg, Steidl Publishing

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Whether it be the caste system of India, the serfdoms of Medieval yesteryear or the 99% vs. the 1% occupy movement, the disparity between the wealthy and downtrodden has always sparked controversy, concern and wide ranging debates. Back in 1984, Jim Goldberg released Rich and Poor, a portrayal of the American dream in San Francisco featuring both sides of the financial spectrum. An eight year endeavor, when it was finally released to the public, it was met with critical acclaim; notably it was featured as part of the “Three Americans” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. Random House initially published the title a year later.


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