Preview: Everglades and Unnamed Road, Jungjin Lee, Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC, NY

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Unnamed Road 060, Jungjin Lee, 2011

Unnamed Road 060, Jungjin Lee, 2011

Howard Greenberg Gallery has brought in artist Jungjin Lee for the holidays. On display will be not one but two different photo sets by the Korean.

Jungjin Lee’s photography is imbued with elemental vastness and wonder. A former assistant of Robert Frank, she creates meditative landscapes with a unique interplay between image and material, capturing moments in time that are uniquely her own. Using a multilayered process that integrates elements of painting, Lee’s photographs exude a materiality not often found in photography. She aims to find “a fundamental essence of things being captured through my intuition, the inner state of my mind, beyond my thinking.”

Lee was one of twelve renowned photographers who traveled to Israel and the West Bank between 2009 and 2013 to create work for This Place, a major traveling exhibition initiated by Frederic Brenner, which will be exhibited at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach from October 15, 2015 – January 17, 2016 and the Brooklyn Museum from February 12 – June 5, 2016.

Of her work in Israel and the West Bank, Lee has said, “What I am searching for in my photographs is something about life. It’s about the solitary state of being human. Life changes on the surface, like an ocean. You have the constant movement of water on the surface, but deep down, at the core there is no movement.”

Unnamed Road/Everglades will be exhibited through December 12, 2015.

For More Information: Howard Greenberg Gallery

Preview: Trees of Burgundy, Wayne Gudmundson, Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA

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Saizy, France #9, Wayne Gudmundson, 2014

Saizy, France #9, Wayne Gudmundson, 2014

Joseph Bellows gallery will host the fall appropriate exhibition of Wayne Gudmundson, Trees of Burgundy.

In the exhibition Trees of Burgundy, Gudmundson depicts the beauty of theFrench countryside through observing the tree-lined roads within Saizy, a small farming community in the Burgundy region of France. In his eloquently organized photographs, he shows the viewer how these trees interact with, and in some measure create the landscape to which they belong; a richly layered landscape that suggests the possibility of narrative, real or imagined.

Wayne Gudmundson is a highly regarded photographer whose work has beenwritten about by such luminaries in the field as Robert Adams, Ben Lifson, and Frank Gohlke. His photographs have been featured in numerous books including his 2007 monograph, A Considered View: The Photographs of Wayne Gudmundson. Gudmundson’s photographs are in several prominent collections, including: the Museum of Modern Art, Center for Creative Photography, Plains Art Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Simultaneously running counterpoint to Gudmunson’s solo show is a similarly themed group show called Regarding Trees. This show surveys exemplary arboreal works of both the vintage and contemporary. 

Trees Of Burgundy will be on display until December 23rd.

For More Information: Joseph Bellows Gallery

Preview: Conversation Piece, Claire Seidl, VanDeb Editions, Long Island City, NY

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Dock, Claire Seidl

Dock, Claire Seidl

Our friend Claire Seidl will be teaming up with artist John McDevitt King for the upcoming exhibition, Conversation Piece. It will certainly be an interesting juxtaposition between Seidl’s black and white photographs and King’s works in charcoal.

This collaboration should be of little surprise to anyone who is familiar with Seidl. A master in multiple artistic mediums, Seidl has a variety of works spanning photography, painting and drawing, many often delving into the abstract. Seidl is also an accomplished essayist, with pieces appearing in multiple publications over the years.

The exhibit will open at the Standard Motors Building, LIC, NY on November 12th with an opening reception at 6pm. The public will be welcome to view the works until January 7th of next year.

For More Information: Van Deb


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