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Preview: Superlative Light, Robert Shults, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago and more

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Image courtesy of Robert Shults

Image courtesy of Robert Shults

After a successful Kickstarter campaign from earlier this year, Robert Shults is happily taking his new book, Superlative Light, on tour before its official release this fall. The book is sure to be a hit for any fan of photography, science and science fiction.

“In a cavernous complex buried three stories beneath the University of Texas, there resides an almost inconveivable piece of technology which inolves some of the most extreme conditions ever encountered by mankind.

It is called the Texas Petawatt and, at the time of these photos, it produced the most powerful laser pulse anywhere is the world.

At its peak output, this massive device releases an unparalleld luminous force which constitutes the brightest light known to exist in the entire universe.

With this ambitious work of of science at its foundation, The Superlative Light follows an original work of science fiction written by mathematician and author Rudy Rucker. The combination of words and photography has been rounded into what is indelibly an auspicious work of art. 

For those interested in taking a peek at The Superlative Light before its publication, Shults will be stopping in at least four different locations for events: on August 30 and 31st, Atlanta, for the Decatur Book Festival; September 20th, New York City for Photoville; September 25th, Chicago, for Filter Photo Festival. Capping the tour will be the book release party on October 31st in Hillsborough, NC, at the Daylight Community Arts Center.

For More Information: Robert Shults

Notable: George Tice, Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

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Country Road, Lancaster, PA, 1961 by George Tice

Country Road, Lancaster, PA, 1961 by George Tice

Closing in on nearly 40 years of being open for business, Susan Spiritus and her gallery have worked with numerous stalwarts and mainstays in the photography world. One photographer that has been near and dear to the gallery’s heart since inception is New Jersey native George Tice, the very first artist that Spiritus signed to  her business.

GEORGE TICE, a tenth generation New Jerseyan, was born in Newark in 1938. He began photographing in 1953, when he joined a local camera club. Fields of Peace 1970, Paterson 1972, and  George Tice: Urban Landscapes 2002 are among his most celebrated books. His photographs are included in over 80 public collections worldwide, and his numerous exhibitions include one-man shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art 1972, The National Museum of Photography, Film, & Television, England ’90-’91, and The International Center of Photography 2002. He has been awarded fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bradford Fellowship England, and the New Jersey State Council of the Arts.

To this day, Spiritus continues to celebrate Tice’s work, enabling those interested to acquire a variety of pictures Tice has taken from long spanning career.

For More Information: George Tice


Preview: Tres Visiones, Manuel Carrillo, Manueal Alvarez Bravo, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Scheinbaum & Russek Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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With its close proximity to Latin America, it would be tragic to see Santa Fe photography galleries skirt the vast artistic and cultural offerings of its native and local peoples. Fortunately this is not the case for Scheinbaum & Russek; they are hosting three talented photographers whose careers properly represent Mexican artistry for the duration of the summer.

This is the case in our upcoming exhibition Tres Visiones. The three photographers, Manuel Álvarez Bravo (1902 – 2002), Manuel Carrillo (1906 – 1989) and Luis González Palma (B. 1957) have used their camera to interpret, document, reveal and reflect on their cultures with a high photographic aesthetic that results in compelling and sensitive results.

Scheinbaum and Russek Ltd. have worked with all three of these artists for many years. In recent years we have collaborated with Verve Gallery of Photography in presenting the works of Manuel Carrillo. We have amassed a group exhibition that contains their most well known and sought after imagery and rare works that have been seldom exhibited. We are proud to be sharing these works with our Santa Fe community.

Fans of any of the artists should be keen to check out the exhibit, as many photos that have rarely been on display to the public will be available. The show will conclude on September 9th.

For More Information: Scheinbaum & Russek Gallery 

Notable: Rich and Poor Book Reissue, Jim Goldberg, Steidl Publishing

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Whether it be the caste system of India, the serfdoms of Medieval yesteryear or the 99% vs. the 1% occupy movement, the disparity between the wealthy and downtrodden has always sparked controversy, concern and wide ranging debates. Back in 1984, Jim Goldberg released Rich and Poor, a portrayal of the American dream in San Francisco featuring both sides of the financial spectrum. An eight year endeavor, when it was finally released to the public, it was met with critical acclaim; notably it was featured as part of the “Three Americans” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. Random House initially published the title a year later. Read the rest of this entry »

Preview: Archetypes, Jacques Sonck, L. Parker Stephenson Gallery, Manhattan, NY

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Untitled, 1986

Untitled, 1986

The L. Parker Stephenson Gallery recently opened an exhibit featuring the work of Belgian Jacques Sonck. Born in 1949, Sonck’s work is sure to appeal to fans of photographers such as Bill Brandt, Paul Strand and Diane Arbus. 

The subjects in Sonck’s photographs vary in age, size, gender and style. They face the
camera alone, in pairs or in groups of three. They are often presented in a manner that
references classical composition, yet they always remain approachable, even familiar.
While the images from Sonck’s 40 years of portraits hint at the influences of August
Sander and Diane Arbus, they are subtle and multi-layered belying first appearances. His
focus on individuals as well as relationships among them is done with tenderness, humor,
poetry and respect. Sonck presents the uniqueness of each sitter and in doing so puts
into question the meaning of an “archetype”.
Sonck’s portraits have been exhibited at the Museum of Photography, Antwerp; the
Museum of Photography, Charleroi; the National Portrait Gallery, London; the National
Media Museum, Bradford; and the Palais de Tokyo, Paris among other institutions. The
Gallery’s presentation of Sonck’s photographs coincides with a large solo exhibition
(curated by our partner gallery, Fifty One Fine Art) in a former citadel dating from 1811,
situated in the coastal town of Ostende, Belgium. A catalog, Jacques Sonck: Encounters,
has been published to accompany the exhibition and will be available at the gallery.

This is Sonck’s first exhibition outside of Europe, so if his work intrigues you, be sure to give it a look. The exhibition  will conclude on August 15th.

For More Information: L. Stephenson Gallery


Preview: En Foco New Works Fellowship Exhibition, Tomiko Jones, The President’s Gallery, John Jay College, CUNY, Mid-Town Mahattan

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Rattlesnake Lake, 16x20" plantinotype scanned from 4x5" negative image, Tomiko Jones, 2014

Rattlesnake Lake, 16×20″ platinotype scanned from 4×5″ negative image, Tomiko Jones, 2014

En Foco, in conjunction with The President’s gallery, has awarded Tomiko Jones with one of the 17th New Works Photography Fellowships, along with Elva Salinas, Paccarick Orue, Will Wilson, and An Rong Xu. 

Each artist’s work is unique in form. Juror Mary Virginia Swanson, Marketing Consultant, Educator and Author, states, “Many of the projects asked the viewer to look outward and consider issues from different perspectives, while others invited us to look inside and reconsider who we are as individuals living among others on this planet.”

En Foco’s Executive Director and Editor, Miriam Romais, states: “The magical part of New Works, is to witness the process of creation over many months, as the artists bring their work to fruition. En Foco provides a confluence of tools and resources that nurture and encourage exploration –- we’re a stepping stone, and many times provide the first exposure to great talent that others soon notice, such as LaToya Ruby Frazier, Annu Palakunnatthu Matthew, Ana de Orbegoso or Osamu James Nakagawa.”

En Foco’s New Works Photography Fellowship Awards is an annual program that awards several U.S. based photographers of Latino, African or Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and Pacific, through a free, national call for entries. The program helps artists create or complete an in-depth photographic series exploring themes of their choice, and provides the infrastructure needed for national visibility and a professional exhibition of their new work in the New York area. They are able to hone their craft, gain experience, exposure, funds, an exhibition and photo-related products.

Jones’s exhibit focuses on her concern for clean water in addition to general care and ecological management of public land.  the opening reception  takes place  July 9th, 5-7PM. For those interested, Jones will be in town July 7th – 13th with photography and video portfolios. She can be reached via email, social media or phone.

For More Information: Tomiko Jones

Preview: Adore Noir Issue no. 20

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Whether it’s for saving trees or the simple convenience of it, people have moved their reading in large part to the digital realm. That does not mean that the quality of reading material should suffer, however. Enter Adore Noir, a digital magazine since 2011. Dedicated to only their love of black and white photography, Adore Noir explores every facet of the art form through features and Q&As that explore every idiosyncrasy of a photographers process. Recently, they made their 20th issue available.

Photography asks for all of our senses to become a part of its experience.  And most of the time when we really connect with a photo we give ourselves to it without even realizing that we are, like a good love story.

 In Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai’s glimpse into the world of underground cabaret we can hear the laughter between performers, we can feel their generosity towards each other and the drive that leads them to entertain.  David Christian Rehor takes us into the dream time where hisGhosts of My Life, become, in some sense the glimpses of ghosts in your life, shadows and light, see through, barely there except for the fear we all felt once upon a time. Marta Azevedo’s Black Faces dare you to look at them, as Azvedo says, “in the ways they want to be seen,” an ode to the “beauty and culture,” of a “population that is often ignored or misrepresented.”

 So…Dim the lights, go to your favourite place, sit back, relax and enjoy.

 Sandra Djak Kovacs

The beauty of digital distribution is the reduction in production costs, leading to savings all the way around. At $2.95, Adore Noir is a nice price point. If you take the plunge and like what you see, back issues are available through an easy add to cart click. 

For More Information: Adore Noir 

Notable: Juliet Harrison on the Cover of Equestrio Arabia, Equestrio China

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California Chrome may not have been able to pull off the Triple Crown, but that doesn’t mean that the world of equestrian events has come to a stop. We’re happy to inform everyone that our good friend Juliet Harrison, previously highlighted here, has been given the cover of the June edition of Equestrio Arabia, complete with photos from her Vertigo series and an interview. Furthermore, the same features will appear in Equestrio China

EQUESTRIO changed the face of equestrian publishing when it launched in Switzerland in 2003 and set new standards for the genre in terms of quality and content. By showcasing and celebrating the lifestyles surrounding equestrianism in all its forms, while at the same time providing expert and informed editorial illustrated with the finest photography, the title won instant appeal, both at home and abroad.

EQUESTRIO Arabia became the second title in the series when it launched in Dubai. EQUESTRIO Francefollowed in 2006 with EQUESTRIO China and EQUESTRIO Italy taking up the reins in 2008. EQUESTRIO America appeared in early 2013 and completes the collection.
Now published in six countries, in five languages, on three continents, EQUESTRIO is to be found at the heart of equestrian communities worldwide. A delicious melange of informed sporting editorial, fine art, luxury travel and lifestyle features.
For More Information: Juliet Harrison

Notable: New Issue of Paul B. Goode’s “Vision” Available Now

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Photo: VISION magazine #4 is now available for purchase both in print and in digital download.  I'm so excited to feature the photography of Gordon Munro and the dance drawings of Valerie Sonnenthal alongside my own work.  Guest writers include Linda Kent, Charlie Moulton, Kenneth Rinker, Marc Balet, John Carrafa, and Marie de la Palme.  This issue also features a photo essay on the STEPS Ensemble with an essay written by dancer, Lane Halperin.  Please go to to order your copy now.  The digital magazine is now only $3.99!

Noted dance photographer Paul B. Goode has a new issue of  VISION available. Beautiful work from the 1980’s is contained in this issue.

VISION magazine #4 is now available for purchase both in print and in digital download. I’m so excited to feature the photography of Gordon Munro and the dance drawings of Valerie Sonnenthal alongside my own work. Guest writers include Linda Kent, Charlie Moulton, Kenneth Rinker, Marc Balet, John Carrafa, and Marie de la Palme. This issue also features a photo essay on the STEPS Ensemble with an essay written by dancer, Lane Halperin. Please go to to order your copy now.

Check out the new issue now …

Preview: All Hail the Queen, Kelly Fitzgerald, Ray Street Custom Framing & Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

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Tootie - I , Kelly Fitzgerald

Tootie – I , Kelly Fitzgerald

The world offers all sorts of cultures . One that piques the curiosity of many, but many do not get to properly experience, is the world of drag. In the mid 1990s, Kelly Fitzgerald journeyed within California to encapsulate the still burgeoning world of drag, in all of its glam and glory.

Within a three month time period, Kelly photographed drag queens in San Diego andtraveled to San Francisco to photograph Wigstock, an annual outdoor drag festival thattraditionally acted as an unofficial end to summer for the gay community. The iconicand groundbreaking photographs Kelly captured show the essence of his subjects;creative, larger than life individuals who were not afraid to show their feminine sides andflamboyant spirit. These queens were pioneers in their own right, trail blazers at a timewhen their style and fashion wasn’t fully accepted or understood.

 We are giving  advanced notice for this show in San Diego. Opening reception will be on Saturday, July 12th, from 6-9 pm, while a second reception will occur on August 9th, coinciding with San Diego’s monthly art event. If you find yourself a fan of Fitzgerald’s work, more good news is on the way.  A new website is planned in order to work more amicably with today’ s ever evolving technology. No word on when the site will be officially up, but the prospect is exciting nonetheless.

For More Information: Kelly Fitzgerald


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