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On site: "My Muse Holds The Jaws of a Lion", Photographs by Liam Alexander, Red Filter Gallery

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Liam Alexander “Birdflower Pharaoh”

We have always admired skilled photo collage/montage as a different use of photographic images to involve the viewer in imaginative storytelling. Liam Alexander is part of a new generation of artists using this time honored technique to achieve their vision.

“My Muse Holds the Jaws of a Lion”, is a collection of small works, hand made photographic based collages, that I have created during the journey through my larger bodies of work. (one is "the Major Arcana" a series of portraits created through divination) These are my muses, and these small pieces are created with the intention of exploration.  Each tells a small story, with the subject, a dream, a feeling, an impression, and a small glimpse into who they are.

August 1 – August 31

To view the exhibition: Red Filter Gallery

Preview: Masterworks From Seven Decades 1928-1982, Ansel Adams, Quintenz Gallery, Aspen, Colorado

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The Golden Gate Before the Bridge, Ansel Adams,  1932

The Golden Gate Before the Bridge, Ansel Adams, 1932

 Ansel Adams, along with the Group f.64 group, did as much for American photography as anyone. Quintenz Gallery is the latest to pay tribute.

“Wilderness, or wildness, is a mystique. A religion, an intense philosophy, a dream of ideal society—these are also mystiques. As the fisherman depends upon the river, lakes and seas, and the farmer upon the land for his existence, so does mankind … depend upon the beauty of the world about him for his spiritual and emotional existence.” — Ansel Adams, from a speech to The Wilderness Society, May 9, 1980

Aspen, CO – Spanning seven decades of his groundbreaking career, a major retrospective of more than 50 photographs by Ansel Adams will be on view from July 10–September 8, 2015, at the Quintenz Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. Ansel Adams: Masterworks from Seven Decades, 1928–1982 comprises the entirety of one of the most significant, privately held Adams collections. Most of the work has not been exhibited in many years. The exhibition is presented in association with Michael Shapiro Photographs, Westport, CT.

Ansel Adams (American 1902–1984) is widely recognized for his portrayal of the sublime in America’s wilderness. Yosemite National Park captured his imagination during his first visit at age 14. He later wrote, “That first impression of the valley—white water, azaleas, cool firm caverns, tall pines and stolid oaks, cliffs rising to undreamed of heights, the poignant sounds and smells of the Sierra … was a culmination of experience so intense as to be almost painful.”

The exhibition opened on July 10th and will be available for viewing until Sept. 8th.

For More Information: Quintenz Gallery

Preview: Carnival, Roger Vail, Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA

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Image Courtesy of Roger Vail and Joseph Bellows Gallery

Image Courtesy of Roger Vail and Joseph Bellows Gallery

Whether the Carnival fills you with fuzzy nostalgia or paralyzing fear, it’s indisputable that Roger Vail has created some beautiful images.

In 1970, Roger Vail began photographing carnivals and their thrill rides with his 8 x 10 inch view camera. His pictures were made in the evening hours with long exposure times, resulting in images that track the momentum of the ride with a sense wonderment that is both tangible and otherworldly. Carnival will feature Vail’s extraordinary, large-scale photographs of carnival rides in full motion; tracing the kaleidoscopic light play seen only through the extended moment that photography permits. In addition to the large-scale color and black and white images, his smaller, more intimate platinum/palladium prints will be featured in the atrium gallery.

Vail’s carnival rides are described and transformed through the act of photography. He allows the viewer to experience the flux of the ride in a single scene, rendering both the atmosphere of the night and the energy of his subject, against the recognizable background of the state fair.

Roger Vail earned his BFA and MFA degrees from the Art Institute of Chicago. His photographs are in the collection of numerous institutions, including: Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Princeton University Art Museum.

The exhibit is now open and available for viewing until August 22nd.

For More Information: Joseph Bellows Gallery

Notable: Claire Seidl Acquisitions, Gottheiner Contemporary Art, St. Louis, Missouri

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Girl, 2009, Claire Seidl

Girl, 2009, Claire Seidl

We always love to call attention our friends around these parts, and Claire Seidl is no exception.  We’ve loved her versatility and experimentation with the abstract and ambiguous. Recently, Gottheiner Contemporary Art acquired some of Seidl’s photographs to accompany a collection of her art work; in addition to being a photographer, Seidl works in the mediums of oil painting, paper and mylar.

Siedl is an accomplished artist whose works have appeared all over the country.  If you’re interested in acquiring some of her images from Gottheiner, click here to see what’s available.

For More Information: Claire Seidl

On Site: “surface in motion”, Photographs by Sky Kim, Red Filter Gallery

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Sky Kim, “threes”

Now, at Red Filter Gallery, you can visit a peaceful but somewhat mysterious place with the lovely images of Sky Kim.

           " Sea is a place where I find tranquility, openness and serenity. I am intrigued by its balanced emotions: peace and power. “surface in motion” is a documentary of being in the middle of experiencing different emotions of ocean and surrounding seascapes in which I found my own composure."

Sky Kim studied photography in Seoul, Korea, and moved to America to begin his photography career in 1994. He has been photographing portrait, landscape and still life fine art projects between New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. He has also photographed for such companies as Coca cola, Macys, QVC, Bisazzar, Pegasus, Joan Rivers Worldwide, and others for commissioned assignment.

Through July 31

To view the exhibition: Red Filter Gallery

Notable: New Summer Acquisitions, Alan Klotz Gallery, New York, NY

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Patriotic Young Man with Flag, NYC, 1967, Diane Arbus

Patriotic Young Man with Flag, NYC, 1967, Diane Arbus

Summer is blossoming all over the nation and Alan Klotz Gallery is proud to see their inventory do the same. They’ve been hard at work to collect an eclectic plethora of high quality photographs than photofiles the world over will be able to appreciate.

Cameroon, Seated Warrior, Seated Girl, 1969, Irving Penn

Cameroon, Seated Warrior, Seated Girl, 1969, Irving Penn

Even casual photography buffs will be able to appreciate the new collection. There are featured works by Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Ruth Bernhard, Martha Holmes and many more. 

For anyone who is looking to start a serious collection, or simply looking to add their burgeoning one, Klotz has a little something for everyone right now. 

Explore the New Inventory: Alan Klotz Gallery

For More Information: Alan Klotz Gallery

Preview: Angel Gitano: The Men of Flamenco, Ruven Afanador, Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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Ruben Olmo, "El Cortijo de la Sierra," El Cuervo, Sevilla, Espana, 2011

Ruben Olmo, “El Cortijo de la Sierra,” El Cuervo, Sevilla, Espana, 2011

Flamenco dance is a lot of things. Passionate, mysterious, expressive and above all dramatic. Ruven Afanador has done a wonderful job to capture the essence of this art form and represent it in selenium toned silver gelatin.

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is proud to present, Ángel Gitano, an exhibition of new work by contemporary photographer Ruven Afanador. Ángel Gitano explores and celebrates the world of male gypsy flamenco culture. As a companion to his acclaimed Mil Besos publication, Ángel Gitano again delves into Afanador’s obsession with Spanish folklore, culture, and the artists who have shared this muse–Buñuel, Dalí, Goya, García Lorca, and Almodóvar. Ruven Afanador’s powerful, wild, and unrelenting subjects masterfully personify el ángel–the iconic manifestation of the Spanish soul, so perfectly embodied in flamenco.

Ruven Afanador’s previous body of work Mil Besos (Rizzoli, 2009), captured the fierce beauty and seductive energy of the women of flamenco. “If the women of flamenco introduced me to a lush vision of womanhood– reckless, unafraid, remorseless–it was the men of flamenco who took me into a surreal milieu populated by primal archetypes of fierce egos, larger-than-life gitanos, undaunted and tribal. And it is their younger version–magnificent men of indomitable vitality, sinuous and lissome–who create a luminous modern version of this ancient tradition. Gitano embellished for me the mystery of that world, a visceral force wrenched from a centuries-old wound that transforms song and dance into a profound lament against fate.” (Ruven Afanador, May, 2014, Ángel Gitano Afterword)

Throughout the exhibition, the Fahey/Klein Gallery will be screening Ruven Afanador’s accompanying film, documenting the making of Ángel Gitano. Ruven Afanador was born in Colombia and spent his childhood in the city of Bucaramanga. He moved to New York in 1990 where he has achieved an exceptional career photographing icons of contemporary fashion, music, and film. His photographs have been published internationally, and his work has been exhibited and collected worldwide.

For those with the opportunity to make it out to to L.A., or happen to live there, Afanador’s work will be exhibited until July 18th.

For More Information: Fahey/Klein Gallery

Preview: The Wave Portfolio, Anthony Friedkin, Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA

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Silver Curl, Hermosa Beach, CA, Anthony Friedkin, 2005

Silver Curl, Hermosa Beach, CA, Anthony Friedkin, 2005

Mother Nature captivates us all every chance we take the time to look around. The power and wisdom within the trees. Clouds lazily adrift in the sky. At the ocean, waves might be the most pristine, sculpted and effortless entrance into chaos seen with regularity. The water looks peaceful and harmless, yet you know that another crash of whitewater isn’t far behind. Anthony Friedkin has captured this majesty within The Wave Portfolio. 

As a visual artist working in the medium of photography, it has been my desire to explore the creative and challenging possibilities of photographing waves. These photographs of ocean waves were selected from a photo essay I have been working on since 1977. It represents a very personal interpretation of more than forty-five years as a surfer and disciple of the sea. I wanted to express my feelings about the ocean – and beyond.

Many scholars believe the ocean represents our unconscious. The sound of a wave breaking underwater is like the clamor of creation itself, loud, thunderous, yet strangely harmonic and soothing. I do believe the ocean, with its jewel like waves, is where we came from; and when I’m in the water, I feel like I’m connecting to something so mighty and so primordial it’s amazing. All the mysteries of life and death, light and darkness, space and time, are to be found there. By photographing the ocean waves I hope to reveal their secrets within.

A selection of twenty, 11 x 14 inch gelatin silver prints from Anthony Friedkin’s epic Surf Essay. Produced in an edition of thirty-five, with an introduction by the artist and housed in a custom clamshell box. $15,000

For those with deep pockets, this may be a collection worth the splurge.

More Information: Joseph Bellow Gallery

On Site: “Naked at the Ball” Photographs by Alan Behr, Red Filter Gallery

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Alan Behr, Swing Dancing, Grand Ballroom

New York photographer Alan Behr captures the spirit of the season with a series of insightful and striking images taken at various occasions over the years. The viewer is invited to join in the fun or sit back and judge … you decide.

Alan Behr is a New York-based photographer who works in the documentary photography tradition. He has exhibited in the United States and Germany, including comprehensive shows from his series NY-NY-00; New York at the Turn of the Century and Naked at the Ball (Nackt Beim Ball). In 2005, Leica Gallery New York selected him to participate, along with Henri Cartier-Bresson, Marc Riboud, Leonard Freed, Mary Ellen Mark, Constantine Manos, Ralph Gibson and others, in Witness to a Century, an exhibition of important images from the prior 100 years. He has also exhibited with Leni Riefenstahl, Peter Turnley, David Turnley, Inge Morath and Elliott Erwitt. In 2008, Alan Behr was named as one of the “Stars of Tomorrow” by fotoMAGAZIN (Germany). Alan Behr studied under Rudy Burckhardt and Lucien Clergue. His work as a photojournalist is syndicated by the Tribune Content Agency. He is a proud member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

Showing June 1 – June 30, 2015

To view the exhibition: RED Filter Gallery

Notable: Richard Sherman Book, “Wooden Boats”

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Image Courtesy of Richard Sherman

Image Courtesy of Richard Sherman

The  old adage for boat owners goes something like, “The best two days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.” Fortunately for photographer Richard Sherman, photographing the aquatic majesty of this transportation is just as rewarding for a fraction of the cost.

When Richard Sherman was about seven years old, he visited his great uncle–a lifetime merchant mariner–when he arrived into port in Elizabeth, NJ.  Invited onto a ship for the first time, young Richard heard of far away places–Hong Kong, Brazil, Korea, Australia–and his senses were inundated by the distinctive smells, the yellowish lights, the metal ladders, and passageways of a large ship.  That event set the foundation for a lifelong love of travel and a love of boats.

Richard has spent the last few years traveling and photographing old boats, with a special emphasis on wooden vessels.  He has compiled these photographs into a portfolio at, and has printed a subset of them in this book.

For More Information Contact: Richard Sherman


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