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Preview: Artificial Light: Flash Photography in The Twentieth Century, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA

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The Pendulum, Berenice Abbott

The Pendulum, Berenice Abbott

Photographers the world around have a love/hate relationship with the utility of flash photography. Philadelphia Museum assistant curator Amanda Bock has put together an exhibit of notable photographers who were able to master its use.

Explore diverse examples of flash photography, which gained widespread use in the 1920s with the invention of the mass-produced flashbulb. Hailed by many photographers for its ability to capture action and movement, flash aided in scientific pursuits including Harold Edgerton’s high-speed, stop-action prints and Berenice Abbott’s photographic illustrations of scientific principles. Flash also played an important role in journalistic and documentary work, as reflected in images by Russell Lee, Lucy Ashjian, Lisette Model, and Gordon Parks.

With it now open to the public until August 3, go check it out for inspiration, tips and some epicurean enjoyment.

For More Information: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Preview: Photographic Brushstroke/Midnight Garden, Van Chu/Cy DeCosse, Verve Gallery Of Photgraphy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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From left to right: Departure 4 (2010), Van Chu; Queen of the Night (2012), Cy DeCosse

From left to right: Departure 4 (2010), Van Chu; Queen of the Night (2012), Cy DeCosse

New Mexican photography fans are in for yet another treat from the Verve Gallery of Photography. Their most recent gallery juxtaposes the surrealist psychadelia of photographer Von Chu against the lugubriously dramatic florals of Cy DeCosse.

Van Chu is a Vietnamese artist who came to the United States in 2001. He was awarded his MFA from the University of Utah in 2010 in digital imaging/photography. Van’s work and his passion are to push the boundaries of photography. His creative technique gets away from photography’s foundational role of making an image that accurately portrays what it represents. Therefore, his artistic energy is to create, not to capture. His minimalist style is decidedly reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings in their symmetry and deceptively simple lines. Of his work Van opines, “That Asian part of me is really coming out. It’s projecting on every piece of photography I do.

For More Information: Verve Gallery Photography

Preview: Vintage Polaroids, Jim French, Wessel + O’Connor Gallery, Lambertville, New Jersey

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Untitled 1968 Vintage Polaroid, Colt Studios, Jim French

Untitled 1968 Vintage Polaroid, Colt Studios, Jim French

Our friends over at Wessel + O’Connor have the pleasure of now exhibiting the work of Jim French. French has been one of the premier photographers of the male for nearly five decades. 

Drawing on his background of schooling in fine art and a successful career in commercial art, he brings to his photography an intuitive understanding of composition and design, and a vital appreciation for the sculptural qualities of surface and light. In a field fraught with prejudices and misconceptions, bias and censorship, he has shown again and again that the male nude is a subject worth of fine art when treated with discernment and intelligence.

-Robert Mainardi

The gallery will also have autographed copies of French’s newest monograph, “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor: Polaroids by Jim French” for purchase during the exhibition’s run, concluding July 13. 

For More Information: Jim French and Wessel + O’Connor Gallery.

Notable: RE-LIGHT The Light Factory, Kickstarter Campaign

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Image courtsey of The LIght Factory

Image courtsey of The LIght Factory

Non-Profit photography education organization, The Light Factory, has been supporting the lens-based world of art for over four decades. Its efforts have made it a nationally recognized exhibitor of photography and contributor to the craft. Unfortunately, declining funds forced it to close its doors last October. Refusing to let the organization die, they have taken to Kickstarter for help. The crowdfunding endeavor has paid off; they have already reached their $20,000 goal with nine days left. But why stop there? We’re spreading the word to continue to find more people to back The Light Factory, so that they may continue for as long as possible. The money gathered will be use to open new facilities in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Believing that art can change lives, The Light Factory offers an extensive community outreach program. Participants, having been successful in our programs by accomplishing goals for their artistic vision, develop and enhance their creative thought process, and find renewed interest in other areas of their lives. Our outreach students are learning to see the beauty of their world and becoming more confident in trusting their imaginations.

Since those difficult days in October, this is a short list of what the revitalized organization has been able to accomplish:

  • Voted in a new Board of Directors
  • Moved from the previous Spirit Square location to the new location in Plaza Midwood, thanks to help from members and volunteers over the course of several weekends
  • Thanks to board pledges, rent at the new location has been paid for a full year
  • Built-out a new classroom at the new location thanks to membership fees & donations
  • Re-launched The Light Factory’s education adult program with several classes in the first few months of the new year.
  • Collaborated with The Charlotte Symphony, holding a small photo exhibition of members’ (Sam Wang, Ahmer Inam, Gary Miller, Charles Johnson) landscape work, at a recent performance.
  • Re-launched the official website of The Light Factory (
  • Currently holding an exhibition of photographs at Babson Capital in Charlotte, with work by 4 Light Factory members (Byron Baldwin, Carolyn DeMeritt, Linda Foard Roberts, Phil Moody).
  • Received administration funding support from the Arts and Science Council.

In addition to helping an asset to the photography community, the Kickstarter campaign is rewarding those who help with some great photography and memberships to the The Light Factory. The more you contribute, the more special the thank you. Check out the campaign before it ends on May 29, 9:40 pm.

For More Information: RE-LIGHT The Light Factory: Kickstarter


Preview: Burma – A Strange and Subtle Secret, Bruce Wodder, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY

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Image courtesy of Bruce Wodder

Image courtesy of Bruce Wodder

Burma, or Myanmar, is one of the many regions of Asia that many people have wished to experience, but never get the chance. Fortunately for those who do not get the chance to see it first hand, Bruce Wodder has taken beautiful photographs to share with the world. 

In my new photographic project, I explore the beauty of Burma through its people, and one spectacular cow.  This work covers much of the country and its indigenous people, including tribes from the remote Brown Zone. Ordinarily my personal work is shot on film using medium or large format to achieve the desired look. In this project, all the images are digital capture output to black & white.

 Those who will be fortunate to be in New York during the month of May, the exhibit will carry through at Soho Photo Gallery until May 31st.

For More Information: Soho Photo Gallery

For More Information: Bruce Wodder

Notable: New “Visions” piece from Brian Lav

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Brian Lav,  Garage Window

Our friend Brian sent us a new slideshow to share with you:



Preview: “After Hours” photography by Claire Seidl, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ

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SeidlPostcard (2)

New exhibition “After Hours” by photographer and painter Claire Seidl, at the Red Filter Gallery in Lambertville, NJ.

There are things in these pictures that I know well: dinners, porches, dining rooms, electric lights, flashlights, posts, floorboards, old chairs, windows, screen doors, books, my camera. There are phenomena I am familiar with but want to know more intimately: nighttime, shadows, moonlight, blurred images, reflections in glass. And, people: swimmers, girls (daughters!),grandparents, dear friends.

There are images in these pictures that only the camera can reveal: what we can’t see in the dark with our own eyes; what we can’t hold in sight after we shift our gaze. The camera gathers up multiple focal points while we can only see one at a time; and it accumulates what happens over time (seconds, minutes, hours) in a single two-dimensional place, the photograph.

These photographs remind me not of memories but of memory itself. They speak of time passing, and of mystery. I hope the images are evocative and emotional for the viewer, as they are for me.

Exhibition: May 9 – July 6

For more information: After Hours

Preview: Not Quite a Retrospective, Juliet R Harrison, Merritt Bookstore Gallery, Millbrook, New York

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Velvet Moss, Juliet R. Harrison

Velvet Moss, Juliet R. Harrison

Rather than  gamble away their paycheck at the track, some people enjoy the healthier endeavor of capturing the horses behind their camera lens. BWGallerist friend and fellow photographer Juliet R. Harrison has done exactly this, compiling her works into the photography book, Track Life: Images and Words. 35 of these – and other equine photography – by Harrison will be exhibited at Merritt Bookstore Gallery.

There have been times without cameras and times without horses, but those times are long forgotten in the life of photographer Juliet R Harrison. Born on Long Island in the late 1950’s of urban intellectuals who took time to travel and explore the arts. Discovered the love of horses at age 5 when given the gift of a tiny book of black and white horse photographs. A harbinger of things to come. The obsession continued until the age of 15 when it was put aside for other things. A camera was always nearby but only to document places visited and people loved. Ms. Harrison obtained a BA in psychology in 1980. During the years from 1980 through 1988 the camera became more than a tool for documentation. A beginning darkroom course was taken and a love reborn. The camera became a tool for making art. Eventually living in New York City, architecture was the primary subject matter for Ms Harrison. Jobs as an administrator in custom color photo labs helped her learn about the print. A job as an assistant to a Fine Art reproduction photographer taught her about the camera and lighting. From 1988-1991 the photographer honed her skills in the MFA studio program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. In 1991 she graduated with a MFA in Photography. The year 1999 began the return to horses finding her true subject matter in the Equine form. Ms Harrison has exhibited work in juried shows, invitationals, and museums throughout the United States. Her work is in private collections throughout the world.

Not Quite a Retrospective will open on May 1st and run until June 29th. The Artist’s Reception will be Saturday, May 10th, at 11:30 am.

For More Information:  Juliet R Harrison

Preview: The Singles, Andrea Modica, Gallery 339, Philadelphia, PA

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Bagnarola di Budrio, Italy, 2013, Andrea Modica

Bagnarola di Budrio, Italy, 2013, Andrea Modica

Photography professor Andrea Modica will be exhibiting her work once more at Gallery 339 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Yale and SUNY purchase grad has been exhibiting her work for nearly three decades while simultaneously molding young minds at east coast schools such as SUNY Oneonta, SUNY Purchase, Princeton and currently Drexel University.

This will be Modica’s third exhibition at Gallery 339. In 2012, the gallery held Modica’s Best Friends exhibit, a sociological and artistic endeavor examining pairs of friends from all walks of life. 2010’s Minor League, meanwhile, portrayed images of baseball players from the early 1990s, when Modica was living in upstate New York.

Modica will be joined at Gallery 339 by Martine Fougeron, who will be displaying Teen Tribe, her primary series of work over the past decade.

You have until June 14th to catch it.

For More Information: Gallery 339



Notable: Good Sales Results at AIPAD 2014

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2014 Aipad






The results are in and some good news to report …

“It was a stunning exhibition of a wide range of photography, and the collectors were passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable,” said Kraige Block, Throckmorton Fine Art, New York, who sold more than 20 works including a platinum print by Tina Modotti.

Robert Mann Gallery, New York, sold 20 works by Jeff Brouws, Julie Blackmon, Maroesjka Lavigne, and others, and commented on the great energy at the show. Terry Etherton, Etherton Gallery, Tucson, said the show was excellent and sold 22 works including a Frederick Sommer print for $40,000. Read the rest of this entry »


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