“BEHIND THE BEAUTY”, Photographs by ANNE BURLOCK LAWVER, Red Filter Gallery

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Ahh by Anne Lawver

Ahh, Anne Lawver

Anne Lawver has provided us a new project. We have heard of Harlem Nights but what goes on in this famous location during the day? Anne has captured some worthy moments with her camera.

Over the last year I pursued a photography project which resulted in my having the privilege of photographing women seeking beautiful hair in a salon for women of color, Natural Sisters Salon in Harlem, NY, one of the most successful salons in Harlem. My desire is to capture private moments of hair styling, and to honor gifted stylists, artists who endeavor to make dreams of beauty come true.

Now though September 30.

To view the presentation: Red Filter Gallery

Notable: Proverbs, Gregori Maiofis, Peter Fetterman Gallery

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Lenin’s Science Makes One’s Hand and Mind Stronger, Gregori Maiofis

For many, a photograph holds power because it is a snapshot from a moment in time – proof that something happened that we can see and believe. Therein lies the wonder and beauty that can be created through the work of graphic artists and clever print makers. Peter Fetterman  Gallery wants you take a closer look at the works of Gregori Maiofis.

We’d like to honor photographer Gregori Maiofis this week, taking the time to admire his handcrafted artworks. As a classically trained printmaker and graphic artist, printmaking is an integral part of his oeuvre that, following experimentation with gelatin silver prints and several alternative processes, led to his now prominent use of bromoil and bromoil transfer printing. Common among the Pictorialist masters of the early 20th Century, the bromoil process allows the artist unique aesthetic abilities to manually control the color, tone, and texture of the final picture on various surfaces.
In his series “Proverbs,” the artist uses proverb texts of various origins and visually interprets and conceptualizes them in staged compositions. Often working with trained animals including elephants, monkeys and predominantly a bear named Funt, Maiofis creates a new reality of interplay between human and animal.
The gallery is currently offering signed works from both “Proverbs” and “Taste for Russian Ballet” in printed from via the Nazraeli Press.
For More Information: Peter Fetterman Gallery

Notable: Oliver Klink Wins Photographer of the Year B&W 2018

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In exciting news for our friend Oliver Klink,, the well respected online photography website, has named Klink’s “Spirit of the Village” series from Cultures in Transition the Grand Prize Winner of its annual awards competition.

The second edition of its awards, Dodho compiled a plethora of industry stalwarts to serve on its jury, including photographer Reza, Getty Images managing editor Jay Davies, founder and director of Coco Communications Shanthi Jeuland, and many others.

The selection process has been very complicated but we are proud of the final result, and the great reception obtained. In the coming weeks will be published the book Black & White – Best photographers of the year 2018 where they will show the works of all winners and finalists. The edition will be published in hardcover and also in digital format and will be put up for sale on our website; it will also be distributed to the best galleries and agencies around the world in search of opportunities for the photographers who have applied to this contest.

In addition to grand-prize winner Klink, Nick Gandano of Spain came in second (for his work Anthracite) and Anup Shah of Kenya came in third (for the series The Mara).

For More Information: Cultures in Transition by Oliver Klink