Notable: “Best of the Best”, Emerging Fine Art Photography Artists 2017

In Black and White Photography on January 4, 2018 at 6:01 pm


Always Go Back To the Beginning, Paula Gibson

Happy New Year to our readers! With a record freeze hitting the United States it is a good time to warm our hearts viewing great photography.

Of the hundreds of articles in our archives, the most popular are the annual lists of photographers we choose as the “Best of the Best” for each year. The interest in this group of evolving artists, at different stages in their careers, always exceeds our expectations, but provides us encouragement to put together “the list” yet again for 2017.

The contributors to this website viewed thousands of fine art images and attended dozens of galleries, museums and fairs throughout the year. To distill all that activity into a single brief list is obviously a difficult (but enjoyable) task and should foster days of discussion by visitors to BWGallerist.

So with that said, here is the the 2017 “Best of the Best” list in no particular order:

Our congratulations go out to these talented artists. See you next year for the 2018  “Best of the Best” Emerging Fine Art Photographers.

On Site: “Same As It Ever Was”, Photographs by Salvatore Corso, Red Filter Gallery

In Black and White Photography on January 1, 2018 at 9:57 pm

Same As It Ever Was 01 by Salvatore Corso

Same As It Ever Was 01, Salvatore Corso

Observation of surrounding details found in wedding locations has been the subject of many photographic essays. Corso’s approach, using Black and White images, lifts the abstract structure he “sees” beyond the cliche event document into the creative realm of enhanced vision.

The title ‘same as it ever was’, is a reference to the fact that no matter how fashion trends and technology change, what a wedding comes down to is two people who want to live together.

The exhibition runs through January 31.

To view the exhibition: Salvatore Corso

Notable: Call for Entries, 2018 20th International Krappy Kamera Competition

In Contest on December 28, 2017 at 11:00 am

2017 Winning Image, Kim Shaw, Image via Soho Photo Gallery

Soho Photo Gallery in New York City has announced a call for entries into the 20th Annual International Krappy Kamera Competition. 

About the Competition:

Soho Photo Gallery, New York City’s longest running cooperative photography gallery and the originator of the Krappy Kamera Competition is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Competition and is looking for extraordinary photographs made with lousy lenses. Examples of some Krappy Kameras are the Holga, Diana, Ansco, and pinhole cameras. You can create your own Krappy Kamera by using your non-Krappy Kamera (e.g. 4×5, SLR, DSLR) and exchanging the lens with a Krappy Lens (e.g. pinhole body cap or Holga-type lens). Cell phones, disposables and point and shoot cameras are ineligible. Remember, just because a camera is old and moldy doesn’t make it Krappy. The lens is the determining factor.

The Juror:

Sandra Carrion originated the Krappy Kamera Competition. A former
president of Soho Photo, she is a founding member of fotofoto gallery as well as the Image Factory Experimental Photography Workshops. Carrion teaches at Nassau Community College. Her photography has been recognized for its innovation and artistry.

The competition is open to all photographers age 18 years old or older, excluding members of Soho Photo Gallery.


The first place award is $500, 2nd and 3rd place awards and three Honorable Mentions are provided by the sponsors. In addition a People’s Choice award will be given by Soho Photo Gallery.
The deadline for entries is January 8, 2018 and winners will be exhibited March 7-March 24, 2018. For more information or to enter the competition visit Soho Photo Gallery