On site: Ray K. Metzker ‘s “AutoMagic” at Laurence Miller Gallery

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Ray K. Metzker – Philadelphia, 1964

Today is the last day to catch this very well done presentation of Ray Metzker’s  themed work with automobiles as central or supplemental image components. The print qualities are such that the images seem to “pop” out of their frames in a number of examples.

The vintage silver prints date from the late fifties over several decades to the present.

The deep shadow tones keep their detail while contrasting with luminous highlights. The 1961 Marseille image of a woman on the street passing a parked car is an example of this effect.

The “pop” of the automobile subject matter is skillfully demonstrated again and again through remarkable use of foreground and background contrasting tones as in the snow covered car from Philadelphia in 1963.

A recent series of photographs explores the “cliche” of car body and window reflections with remarkable success. These 2009 prints show Metzker exploring new avenues with his auto magic.

Our favorite of the show was a Philadelphia 1964 print of a car fin and background pedestrian catching fine lines of light in their outlines. Truly a magnificent work.

A well done monograph is available: Laurence Miller Gallery

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