Artist Spotlight: Brooks Jensen

In Black and White Photography, Photographer on January 26, 2010 at 2:39 pm

LWF-014 Sample

Brooks Jensen – Folio Sample “Silva Lacrimosa”

Many followers of Black and White fine art photography are familiar with Brooks Jensen’s role as Creator, Publisher and Editor of Lenswork.

For years, Brooks has provided a platform for some of the best emerging photographers along side many photography masters. He publishes a beautiful quality magazine, available by subscription, as well as DVD-ROM extended editions of the magazine.

In recent editions, he has begun offering folios of his photographer friends … including his own folio presentations.

It is his impressive personal photographic work we would like to highlight in this article. From landscapes to abstracts, he has a wonderful sensibility for light, shadow, form and texture. Not a big believer in high priced art (if you have read his articles or listened to his podcasts) he keeps a focus on creating excellent value with his prints.

Take a brief tour of one of his folio offerings, “Silva Lacrimosa” (Tears of the Forest) and see what is meant by “craftsmanship”.

The fine art photography community owes Brooks a debt of gratitude for everything he has done in the past two decades. We hope he just “keeps on, keepin’ on” …

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