Noteworthy: Artists … Seize The Initiative!

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Louis Ulrich “Victory”

In a Financial Times article, Luke Johnson, with a private equity and arts background, advises artists to leverage the Internet to provide a better business model for marketing their work.

Creative types pay a heavy toll to distribute their works, and in “the internet age” they can and should be doing it for themselves. Be they painters having to give galleries 50 per cent of the price of their pictures, or authors getting just 7 per cent of the net proceeds of their novels from publishers, or singers receiving paltry royalties from record labels, for many the division of rewards is a bad deal.

So every freelance artist – writers, painters, musicians, comedians – should also plan to be an internet impresario. Many of the cannier (and perhaps younger) ones are already going it alone. They have organized websites to display their works and formed co-operatives to organize venues to perform and exhibit.

All artists should understand the basics of money and how to sell their genius, through social networks and every other modern form of communication. They should take charge of their own artistic destiny – rather than being directed by an executive who probably doesn’t understand their calling anyway.

While Luke understands the value of galleries and museums, he has some interesting points to make in light of the “electronic marketplace”.

Do you have a broad based internet strategy for your work?

For more : Luke Johnson

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