Noteworthy: Kim Weston Blogspot

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“2004 Charis Wilson 90th B Day Party”

We recently attended an Edward Weston retrospective which also ran a twenty minute video on Weston’s work and contained interesting interviews with Kim Weston, his now famous grandson and Charis Wilson, Edward’s love, model and muse for many years.

Just by chance, we bumped into the Kim Weston entourage at Photo LA and briefly talked about the video. In follow-up Gina Weston was kind enough to send us a link to their blog. Of special interest were photos of the Weston clan with Charis Wilson back in 2004 at her 90th birthday party. In light of her recent passing, they are especially poignant images.

Kim and I had the pleasure to spend many afternoons with Charis Wilson, here at Wildcat Hill and at her home in Santa Cruz. During our visits, we listened to her tell stories of her times with Edward. I was very fond of Charis and even though we didn’t spend a lot of time together we shared a common bond. For me a deep connection. She lived in our house with Edward Weston, where they made their life together and he photographed her, making some of his most famous photographs.

You can check out “the birthday party” at Kim and Gina’s blog at : Kim and Gina Weston

Also a number of Kim’s fine art offerings can be found at: Kim Weston

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