On Site Color: Nollywood at Yossi Milo Gallery, NYC

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Pieter Hugo – “Nollywood”

From time to time, it is irresistible to call attention to an exciting exhibit of non- Black and White photography in our coverage of gallery offerings. “Nollywood” by Pieter Hugo is one of those shows (now through April 10).

With large, lush and striking images of the characters inhabiting the world of the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood  slams the viewer in disarming fashion.

Pieter Hugo’s series Nollywood portrays archetypal characters from one of the three largest film industries in the world, “Nollywood” in Nigeria (which is larger than Hollywood and second to Bollywood, according to 2009 UNESCO report). Nollywood produces over 1000 low-budget, straight-to-video films a year. The films lean toward the macabre and melodramatic, with narratives rooted in local symbolic imagery and traditional storytelling. Themes and subjects often include the supernatural, with plots centered on romance, extortion, prostitution, witchcraft, or religion. Produced for a primarily African audience, the films are a rare example of African self-representation in mass media.

The exhibit reminds the photography devotee about why we are repeatedly drawn to the power of still images when presented with original work like “Nollywood”.

For more: Yossi Milo Gallery

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