On Site: Michael Kenna “Venezia”- Robert Mann Gallery

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Michael Kenna – “Ponte dei Sospiri”

There is still time to see the excellent Robert Mann Gallery exhibit of Michael Kenna’s “Venezia” (through March 13 in NYC).

The beautifully rendered prints capture the timelessness of Venice in Kenna’s signature style of low light, long exposures. The elegant images are heavy in atmosphere and moody use of light and shadow. As you move through the gallery, the sequencing of the prints allows for multiple visual discoveries and unique viewer experiences.

Whether photographing gondolas, topiaries or water cooling towers, Michael Kenna brings an elegance to bear that never fails to impress the viewer.

The exhibit reconfirms Kenna’s place in the leadership of contemporary photographic fine art today.

His photographs simultaneously capture the decadence and decay of the palazzos and esplanades that line the canals. Gondolas rise and fall with the tide, the brackish water eating away at the mooring posts that punctuate many of the images. Kenna’s long exposures, some times lasting several hours during the darkest hours of the night, smooth over the surfaces of the canals, further emphasizing their street-like function in this floating city. With typically meticulous prints, Kenna distills Venice to its iconic, elemental characteristics of water and light.

Our congratulations to the Robert Mann Gallery on the presentation and success of this exhibit.

For more information: Robert Mann Gallery

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