On site: Artists See Artists II – Deborah Bell Photographs

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Denise Colomb – “Alberto Giacometti “

Now through March 27, you can view some very interesting photos of artists taken by well known photographers at Deborah Bell Photographs in New York.

”ARTISTS SEE ARTISTS II features photographs by and of modern     
and contemporary masters ranging from Brassaï to Cindy Sherman.     
Organized in three sections, Women, Men, and In the Studio, the works   in the exhibition cover seven decades, from László Moholy-Nagy’s     
1920 portrait of his wife, the photographer Lucia Moholy, to Lucas     
Samaras’ manipulated Polaroid self-portrait dated 1978.

Included are portraits of contemporary artists by their fellow artists,     
such as Neil Winokur’s seemingly generic studio view of Cindy     
Sherman from 1985, a vivid Cibachrome print in which the artist is     
posed against a pink background; and David Armstrong’s affectionat     
glance at his friend Nan Goldin in the park from 1991. Peter Hujar’s     
powerful rapport with the painter Malcolm Morley, seen drawing     
intensely in the sketchbook he clutches, and clad for the bristling     
winter weather on an East Hampton beach on Christmas Day, 1976,     
conveys the dogged determination of both photographer and artist.     
John Gossage notes a napping William Eggleston, his Leica also at rest.”

A number of the photographs are striking and make it well worth the time to survey the varied images. The sensibility of one artist capturing the spirit of another is a traditional formula but one that draws our interest.

Our favorite photo was the classically posed image of Alberto Giacometti by Denise Colomb printed in 1954. The range of tonality and lighting is excellent and the micro compositions within the larger composition are intriguing.

For more information:Deborah Bell (page takes awhile to load)

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