On Site: No Singing Allowed: Flamenco and Photography

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Carlos Saura – “Maria Pages”

At Aperture in Chelsea through April 1 is “No Singing Allowed: Flamenco and Photography”.

Whether as social phenomenon or musical expression, flamenco has been of enduring interest and inspiration to photographers from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. While some photographers from outside of Spain went in search of it or encountered it by chance, to others flamenco and its practitioners are an essential, if not innate, aspect of their cultural heritage and their photographic work. This artistic form—also considered a way of life or being—has generated fascination in cultured urban circles, remaining one of the most secret, mysterious, and seductive manifestations of twentieth-century European popular art.

Actually two exhibits produced jointly with Insitituto Cervantes, “No Singing”, as displayed at Aperture’s gallery, is much more powerful than first imagined. Given the dramatic subject matter and the use of multiple artists both known and unknown, the exhibit succeeds on a number of levels …especially the black and white prints.

Favorites included images by Man Ray, Brassai, Saura and Bonnard. The most impressive to us was a village center dancer focused shot placed against industrial smokestacks in the background … “Celebration” by Catala Roca Francesc. The composition and mix of tones was impressive.

Definitely worth your time to see this weekend.

For more information: Aperture

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