On Site: Best of AIPAD Photography Show – International Dealers

In Art Fair, Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery, Photo Print Collector on March 20, 2010 at 8:04 am

This year’s AIPAD show is underway (through Sunday) with more than 70 dealers showing the best in classic and contemporary photographic prints at the Armory in New York City.

One of the exciting aspects in the fine art photography marketplace is the global nature of its subject matter … and marketing. In keeping with that phenomenon, AIPAD has good gallery representation from Asia, Europe, Canada and South America. Among the international contingent of dealers, two galleries standout with images that are unique as well as eloquent in their visual presentation.

  • Czech Center of Photography
  • Vasari

The Czech school of photography has gained prominence over the years with the help of leaders like Howard Greenberg. The photos (and there are many in this small CCP booth) are a “buffet offering” of singular vision and talent. Note: This gallery generated a lot of discussion at Photo LA this year.

Looking to South America, it is nice to hear the Italian/Spanish lilt of the gallery associates from Buenos Aires’ Vasari gallery. Their array of Black and White images are striking and thought provoking. You will not be disappointed.

But there is more:

  • Jadejar Fine Art (Beijing)
  • Gregory Leroy (Paris)
  • Eric Frank Fine Art (London)
  • Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto)

These galleries each have unique portfolios with pictoral content that also should be savored during a visit to the AIPAD show this year.

It is inspiring to see the international flair these dealers bring to an impressive AIPAD show at the Armory this year.

For more information: AIPAD Photography Show

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