On Site: AIPAD Best In Show Photo Print – Alexey Titarenko, Nailya Alexander Gallery

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Alexey Titarenko, Untitled (Crowd 2), 1993<br /><br /><a href="/photo/alexey-titarenko-untitled-crowd-2-1993">View Image Details</a>

Alexey Titarenko, “Untitled (Crowd 2)”

After having the very pleasurable experience of seeing hundreds of classic vintage and contemporary prints at the AIPAD show in New York, we have the difficult duty to pick one photograph out of many that is considered “best in show”.

Our criteria is simply finding the image that not only has the fine art quality one would expect from a show of AIPAD’s high standards, but also has the power to provoke a reaction, deep and lasting.

When viewing prints, we normally do not gravitate towards heavily stylistic techniques but in the case of Alexey Titarenko’s time exposure of people ascending a set of public stairs, we saw more substance than style.

On a formal basis, the image is so striking as to rivet attention of the viewer. Then layer in understanding of the technical process, and the cultural linkage … you have an even richer experience.

Titarenko was able to develop a form of expression reminiscent of Dostoyevsky’s stories,inspired by the moods and rhythms of the music of Shostakovich. Often, the city, veiled in winter’s shadows or bright with summer’s dazzle, is inhabited by nearly transparent phantoms. They dwell in its streets, cross its courtyards: crowds on the move, spreading over a vast square like a wave, their individual identities blurred and indistinct.

We congratulate the Nailya Alexander Gallery and Mr. Titarenko on producing an image which literally “haunts” the viewer … long after the exhibit has gone.

To see more of Alexey Titarenko: Nailya Alexander Gallery

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