On Site: Alexey Titarenko – Nailya Alexander Gallery

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery, Photo Print Collector on March 27, 2010 at 11:50 am

Alexey Titarenko – “Untitled (Crowd 1)”

Intrigued by our “Best of Show” AIPAD print winner, Alexy Titarenko, we visited the Nailya Alexander Gallery in the Fuller building on 57th street, NYC where he has a current exhibit through April 24 .

What we saw was an impressive array of 38 Black and White prints capturing the moody eloquence of Russian society. These are images where the individual citizen is merged into a ghostly miasma of unidentified shadow culture. The long exposure technique employed, serves to underline the indistinguishable nature of the post modern Russian people. A very effective statement while maintaining an eerie beauty throughout the work.

This photographic technique, involving relatively slow shutter speeds, confirms a taste for randomness and makes each image a unique adventure, a potential source of surprise.The approach also bespeaks Titarenko’s long-standing interest in 19th-century landscape photographers, especially those who operated in cities. In addition to this style of representation, which eschews any temptation to be objective and is finally quite impressionistic, the darkroom technique Titarenko uses transforms the black-and-white print into a composition endowed with subtle, suggestive hues and ever-differing nuances of gray. Titarenko never reproduces exactly the same rendering of light and shadow from one print to the next.

The sense of well defined vision permeates this body of work and the viewer is rewarded for their patient contemplation.

More exhibit information: Nailya Alexander Gallery

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