On site FotoFest: “Ruptures and Continuities” at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

In Art Fair, Art Museum, Exhibits on April 1, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Water Towers

Bernhard and Hilla Becher – “Water Towers”

Now through May 9, at MFAH, is a very well done look back at the fundamental photographic art trends since 1960. Work by Baltz, the Bechers, Matta-Clark, Klauke, Sherman, Miwa, Coplans, Struth and dozens more provide over 200 images in this ambitious survey. New Topographics, land works, conceptual and other key movements are represented.

Ruptures and Continuities is organized according to five thematic sections: self-performance; directorial mode and constructed environments; the transformation of the city; new landscape; and memory and archive. More than 80 artists from 20 countries are represented.

The most striking (disturbing) image is one by Yanagi Miwa of “Gretel” in which the child can be seen gnawing on the finger of the fairytale witch.

Another image of great historical value is Harry Shunk’s “Leap Into The Void” which portrays, in a collage, a man leaping from a building out over a street. The picture was published in a fake Paris newspaper and widely distributed ( believed “real” by many readers). Voila … performance art recorded by the camera.

This is a great show to see if in Houston for FotoFest: MFAH

Two other exhibits at the museum are worth a walkthrough:

Eye on Third Ward

Rogovin 101

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