On Site: Museum of Printing History, Houston Texas –“Printing With Light”

In Art Fair, Art Museum, Black and White Photography, Exhibits on April 3, 2010 at 11:57 am

Horses, Chricel E. Portela, lith print

While we were at the portfolio reviews in Houston (more on that in the future) we observed a good number of photographers using alternative printing processes. The anachronistic methods often gave an antique patina to the prints but also could yield contemporary and surreal appearing images.

An opportunity to learn more about this type of printing is on display, just a short distance from the Doubletree HQ of FotoFest, at the Museum of Printing History. A special exhibit of local photographers using these vintage technologies is shown in “Printing With Light”, now through August 14th.

Some of our favorites were the salted paper and cyanotype prints of David Barker and Michael Rigby.

This exhibition shows modern examples of some of the photographic processes developed throughout the medium’s history but prior to digital printing. It includes a recreation of the process used to make the first photograph and historical and interpretive variations of some of the later processes, as practiced by members of the Austin Alternative Process Group (AAPG). Viewers will see platinum prints, gelatin silver, tintypes, cyanotypes, van dyke prints, salt prints, and more, along with descriptions of the various processes.

Exhibiting artists: David Barker, Ed Buffaloe, Cynthia Good, Alan Herbert, Billy Mabry, Matthew Magruder, Gary Nored, Sherre Paris, Chricel E. Portela, Michael Rigby, Terri St.Arnauld, Ann Texter Spiffy Tumbleweed, S.B. Watkins, Kathryn Watts-Martinez, Frank Yezer

For more information: Printing With Light

There is also a very good looking adjacent exhibit with portraits of young children facing cancer that is very moving without tugging at the heart strings: Flashes of Hope

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