Best of Show: Ion Zupcu, FotoFest curated exhibitions, Houston, Texas

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Ion Zupcu from “Discoveries of the Meeting Place” exhibit

We tried to see as many of the FotoFest themed exhibits as possible along with the Meeting Place exhibit of previous talent “discovered” at the fair. After seeing hundreds of very diverse and impressive prints we kept coming back to a series by Ion Zupco exhibited just across the walkway form the Doubletree FotoFest HQ.

Selected by Madeline Yale, Houston Center for Photography, Ion Zupcu presented a mesmerizing selection of his series on cubes, rectangles and square objects. Harking back to the likes of Josef Albers, his current evolution of still-life, monochromatic images has evolved over the years into a whole different level of physical and visual interpretation. His use of delicate contrast, patterns and textures draws the viewer in to a different dimension of experience.

From his bio:

Up to that point he had been producing primarily landscape photography. However, he now went back to
his initial interest in still-life work, and began spending long hours shooting, studying, and mastering the subject matter. His first fully-realized series of photographs in this genre was in 1999 with a group of images simply titled, Flowers. Several other bodies of work soon
followed, including photographs depicting bottles, fabric, and eggs, among other objects.To this day Zupcu insists on printing and toning all of his work himself.

In our brief conversation with the artist, we could hear the Eastern European accent (Romania) along with the determined focus brought about by a life that most Americans would find challenging.

We congratulate Ion on his being chosen “Best of Show” and invite you to see more of his work: Ion Zupcu

Sample Galleries: Clampart, Gallery 339, The Halstead Gallery

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