On Site: Best of Show, FotoFest Meeting Place (session 4)

In Art Fair, Black and White Photography, Photographer on April 8, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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Jennifer Hudson from ”Baptism” ; Gabriel Benaim from “Tel Aviv at 100”

After reviewing the work of dozens of very capable up and coming artists at the Meeting Place portfolio reviews sponsored by FotoFest in Houston, it is very hard to pick a standout artist. In this case we found two, very different, but equally impressive talents.

Jennifer Hudson, has been working at her photography for 6 years and this is her first portfolio review. She relates well to the turn of the last century pictorial artists while taking her lead from the later period surrealists. But her work is wholly original in its use of these historical viewpoints. Using compositing with custom made machine objects, she brings her live model through a series of spiritual life stages in a very captivating fashion. She states “I have an appreciation for the ‘old look’ as I believe I am an ‘old soul’.“

Gabriel Benaim, originally from Panama and now of Tel Aviv, produces work with reference to the New Topographics but as a student philosophy, as well as art, he brings a different take on where the viewer should concentrate their efforts.

I want the viewer to explore the whole composition … to take in the inter-relations and tensions inherent in the view I’ve chosen … where something is placed relative to the frame is more important than what it is.

When you experience the strict composition rules Gabriel employs, you understand what he means.

Our congratulations to Jennifer and Gabriel on their current work and we look forward to continued growth in the future.

For more of her portfolio: Jennifer Hudson

For more of his portfolio: Gabriel Benaim

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