On Site: American ReConstruction, Winkleman Gallery, NYC

In Exhibits, Gallery, Photo Print Collector on May 9, 2010 at 4:33 pm


Cara Philips, Ultraviolet #140

We had the pleasure of a preview hosted by the Winkleman exhibit organizer of “American ReConstruction” … Michael Hoeh. This exhibit introduces emerging talents that make art with the aid of a camera. Matthew Albanese, Jowhara AlSaud, Jeremy Kost, Mark Lyon, Curtis Mann, and Cara Phillips were hand picked by Michael to present their work in this potpourri of styles and substance.

Michael’s background is Wall Street and he is also a collector with a very nice history, having worked with eminent museum and foundation leaders. As for the exhibit …

Some of the artists’ work is created by physically altering the raw material of photography or its subject matter-by scratching (AlSaud), bleaching (Mann), or directly building detailed models (Albanese) for the making of their images. Others work by innately focusing their camera gaze on society’s impulse to rebuild or reconstruct our appearances (Phillips), personas (Kost), or environments (Lyon).

Very nice exhibit and definitely worth a visit. Now, through June 12.

For more information: Winkleman Gallery

For Michael’s blog: Modern Art Obsession


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