Review: Epson 3880 (ABW), Black and White Photography Magazine

In Article, Hardware, Photographer on May 13, 2010 at 7:28 am

Epson 3880

The latest issue of Black and White Photography Magazine (UK) is out with a major review of our favorite Black and White printer.

The reviewer, David Illman, is a noted wet process photographer with limited exposure to digital printing. His knowledge of photography is clearly impressive but his introduction to the digital world is a little loose with his tentative comments on the need for monitor profiling and the usefulness of the ABW (Advanced Black and White) feature.

That being said his conclusion is worth noting:

I will be honest, I did not want to like this printer. I wanted to be able to say the black & white prints were poor. But I am astounded by the 3880’s performance; the colour and the black and white prints are beautiful. The whole package works: the inks, paper and the printer.

Surprisingly we cannot find a website for the magazine but subscription information is available online at: GMC Group Magazines

The magazine is available at Barnes & Noble.

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