Preview: Three City Online Photograph Auction, May 19th, Bloomsbury Auctions

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Robert Mapplethorpe “Patti Smith Series”

Tomorrow is a great opportunity to buy or watch the action online as great photographs are offered online that are currently being shown in NYC, London and Rome by Bloomsbury Auctions.

Images listed in the 200 page PDF Catalog include American modern, contemporary, vintage master and European greats. Kertesz, Weston, Orkin, Callahan, Winogrand, Klein, Lyon and many others are available now for online viewing … and tomorrow for owning.

You may choose to bid in the auction online through either http://www.thesaleroom.
com or All online bids are subject both to
the conditions of Sale and Business and to the Bidder user’s terms and
conditions available on our Website.We encourage you to read both carefully.We
offer this free service as a courtesy, and do not accept liability for any errors or
failures in the execution of any online bids, nor for any failures of technology on
either your part, the internet or our part.

Auction overview, catalog PDF and “3D View” available here: Bloomsbury Auctions

Background on Bloomsbury Auctions and the “Middle Market for Art” : FT Article

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