On Site: Alex Guofeng Cao, Stux Gallery, NYC

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery, Photographer on May 23, 2010 at 11:05 am



We have mixed feelings about the current exhibit at Stux Gallery. These large (108 x 144)  Black and White images are in fact made up of thousands of smaller images that have a recognized connection with the larger image. In the case of Andy Warhol the building block is an image of Mao whom Warhol silk screened in his own work.

The effect is curious and first reminiscent of Chuck Close by way of other artists and satirists who have made images from many smaller images. But Cao has a deeper meaning intended …

These finely produced photographic mosaics, inspired by Cao’s interest in similarly pieced
works from Greek and Roman antiquity, leverage the new technical possibilities of digital images, making the pixel itself a new, self-conscious carrier of meaning itself, and not merely a structural support for its expression. Cao takes this a step farther, replacing some of the thousands of embedded images in each work with other pictures (requiring closer investigation in order to find them), casting deeper reflection on the historical or cultural field of meaning already generated by the two primary interwoven images.

Certainly and interesting approach leveraging current technology. We’ll leave it to you if he succeeds …

Through May 29: Stux Gallery

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