On Site: Joseph Szabo, “Jones Beach”, Gitterman Gallery, NYC

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Joseph Szabo, Lifeguard’s Dream

The time is now for you to see the famous series of Jones Beach photographs by Joseph Szabo. In photo-journalistic style, he wandered through the many years of summer moments shared by all teenagers at similar beaches, capturing views that still resonate beyond the Long Island backdrop.

The tones, contrasts and wonderful compositions … all serve up little stories reported through a knowing stranger’s eye. Also included in the show are some fascinating Rolling Stones concert pictures … no Exile On Main Street here.

Szabo’s photographs of teenagers have gained a cult-like following over the years and have influenced a number of fashion photographers and filmmakers. Szabo is a master at eliciting universal feelings and moods.  In each body of work, he successfully conveys in his photographs what is difficult to express in words: the particular mix of posturing and insecurity found at the beach, the excitement of seeing your favorite band play a packed stadium.

In the summer of 1978 Szabo joined two students on a road trip to Philadelphia to see the Rolling Stones play JFK Stadium.  Surrounded by 90,000 fans, Szabo spent the day photographing the crowd’s excitement.  The energy of the vast crowd is palpable in this series, but what is most moving are the quiet moments Szabo captures of individuals and couples captivated by the music.  

These classic prints will capture your imagination … and if you are a collector, make sure you bring your checkbook.

Now through June 12: Gitterman Gallery



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