Emerging Artist: The Fine Art Photography of Michael Benari

In Black and White Photography, Photographer on June 2, 2010 at 4:49 am


Michael Benari

While at Photo LA earlier this year, we  had the privilege of meeting Michael at the portfolio review. His were the most striking prints at the review, especially his Siskind like abstracts. Unfortunately, screen displays do not do the prints justice.

He just checked in with us and provided some new work that has a definite “noir” feel to it. We asked him to update us on his current and future direction:

I have embarked on self-publishing, though I’m still not 100% sure I’ve found
the right printer here in Boston. My main interest continues to be some variant of "street photography", with an emphasis on creating an aesthetic that has both visual and emotional resonance with the viewer. Black and White offers a unique visual language, one full of hidden meaning and expressiveness. I just feel more
comfortable communicating in this language than in the language of color.

I am a pretty competent digital printing, but for final results (sales, shows) I rely on the technical expertise of my printer Singer Editions, with whom I share an aesthetic understanding.

My goal is to continue to explore the urban landscape of different locales, and to explore the endless mysteries behind the obvious.

To check out Michael’s latest work: Benarifoto

  1. Michael pursues his photography with the vision of an explorer. With his keen eye, his vision goes much deeper than the image that he is composing. His images are complex and haunting. Long after the viewer sees the images, they linger in one’s thoughts.

  2. some talent here.
    Thats for sure.
    Great post

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