Notable: New Photobook “Architecture under Construction”, Stanley Greenberg

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When visiting the Gitterman Gallery recently, Tom Gitterman introduced us to Stanley Greenberg. While discussing our fine art focus in photography we were pleased to hear Stanley say “ My work is Black and White”.

Stanley has an impressive new book “Architecture Under Construction” and an accompanying exhibit.

In Architecture under Construction, photographer Stanley Greenberg explores the anatomy and engineering of some of our most unusual new buildings, helping us to understand our own fascination with what makes buildings stand up, and what makes them fall down. As designs for new constructions are revealed and the public watches closely as architects and engineers challenge each other with provocative new forms and equally audacious ideas, Greenberg captures penetrating images that reveal the complex mystery-and beauty-found in the transitory moments before the skin of a building covers up the structures that hold it together.

If you appreciate great fine art architecture photography, the book or prints are a great collector’s item.

The exhibit:


Stanley Greenberg. Untitled, Toronto, Ontario

Chicago Art Institute exhibit

The book:

Architecture under Construction

More work by Stanley Greenberg: Gitterman Gallery

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