On Site: Silver Eye Center For Photography, Pittsburgh

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Jacqueline Bates, from the “Italian Film” series

While in Pittsburgh last week we visited the local “art district”  and the Silver Eye Center for Photography. In preparation for the visit we found their online gallery to contain some great Black and White work, one example of which was Jacqueline Bates’ photos. She has done multiple projects involving Italian movie portrayals of women:

My current body of work explores my ambivalence about Italian feminine ideals. I pair color photographs of contemporary suburban life with a black-and-white montage inspired by Italian cinema. The color photographs depict women of my Italian-American family during holidays and celebrations, and intimate portraits of them alone, removed from work and distraction, so as to imagine their identities in the absence of domestic expectations. I am interested in the position of a woman in a family, what her roles are, how they transform from generation to generation, and how isolating they can be. I examine rites of passage and family traditions which, although far removed from their socio-spiritual origins, continue to be a central part of Italian-American cultural identity.

While on site we also admired the color work of Maggie Taylor. She has a series of Alice in Wonderland inspired fantasy photos on exhibit.


Silver Eye is an example of an arts organization that is providing quality work to the public in a different kind of forum.

For more information on Silver Eye: Silver Eye Center for Photography

For more examples of work by Jacqueline Bates: J. Bates

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