Notable: Peter Treiber – “Steel Resolve”, Rangefinder

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Peter Treiber, “Hot Saw Grey Mill”

We were pleased to see a well written article by Lou Jacobs in Rangefinder Magazine this month covering the evolution of Peter Treiber’s excellent book “Inside Bethlehem Steel: The Final Quarter Century”. Peter was there working for the company taking some spectacular industrial shots for many years.

Of interest to any photographer planning a self published book, this article is a great road map to creation and promotion of  a photobook.

To control the color, I did my own separations and made my own set of proofs.
The printer’s proofs were based on mine,
and everyone has been pleased with the
outcome. The U.S. print broker I used
paid for my trip to China to oversee printing
that came off with few corrections. I
am distributing the book myself to local
stores, and I was pleased when a distributor
came to me after several successful
signing events at Barnes and Noble.

We own the book … and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to see great photography covering an important piece of our history. His website has more information and also some nice Black and White work.

For more on the article: Rangefinder

For more on Peter’s work: Peter Treiber

Inside Bethlehem Steel: The Final Quarter Century

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