Noteworthy: The Artist As Business Person

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Juan Hinojosa with his installation "Prada War"

The New York Times today had a good "resource" article for artists hoping to make a living creating art. In our discussions with photographers making fine art images, it is often evident they have a negative attitude about trying to earn a living wage doing art. This article has some good points to remember on this topic of “art as career”.

Creative Types, Learning to Be Business-Minded

The sighs and complaints that followed were proof of the challenging task Mr. Cobb and his colleagues have taken on: trying to teach people who like to color outside the lines about drawing up business plans, budgeting and making a sales pitch.

The city’s cultural sector "attracts very, very creative people who have incredible ideas, but they don’t always know how to turn their ideas into financial sustainable entities," said Seth W. Pinsky, president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. His agency is spending $50,000 on this program and a similar one being run by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, with Creative Capital.

In our opinion, an art career is like any other with a need for plans, goals, accountability and a fearlessness about failure … and a passion for the work.

Process in art is very important, maybe more so that in other endeavors, but the key to creating the volume of art, as is desired, is to have an underlying economic plan to allow as much creative freedom as possible.

Ask the question: Is this “art” of yours an avocation or a career? Your point of view may very well determine your success.

For more information: NY Times

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