On Site: Behind The Curtain – Tichy and Sudek at Howard Greenberg, NYC

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 Miroslav Tichy and Josef Sudek

Two truly different artists but overlapping in their Eastern European sensibility, and “outside looking in” voyeuristic perspective, are on view at the Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Miroslav Tichy and Josef Sudek produced evocative images that are stylistically strong in their separate visions and certainly memorable.

Although Tichý’s classic art school training is evident in many of his photographs, to many, he is considered an outsider artist. . He produced countless images, using hand-crafted cameras that he made out of wooden boxes, spools, and other found objects, with lenses crafted from old eyeglasses and plexiglass. With a camera hidden under his clothes, he roamed the streets of Kyjov photographing the women he encountered, always from a distance, often from unusual angles. He captured their images in shops, bus stops, the town square, at the public swimming pool or sunbathing in their yards in the nude or in bikinis.

In a celebrated career that spanned nearly seven decades, Josef Sudek, created a world of shadow and light. Working from the early part of the 20th century up until his death in 1976, he produced ethereal landscapes, modernist still lives, and sweeping panoramas of the city of Prague and beyond. His studio was the backdrop for the creation of two of his most important bodies of work: The Window of My Studio (1940-1954) and Labyrinth (1948-1973). His photographs from these series represent the symbiosis of his artistic concerns, his poetic sensibility, and his original aesthetic approach.

On the heels of a major Tichy exhibit at ICP, this show further examines his work in contrast (and comparison with) the mastery of Sudek. A very intelligent approach to viewer involvement and education. Greenberg’s many years of focus on Czech photography is well executed here.

Now through September 3.

For more information: Howard Greenberg

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