Preview: Sally Mann At Photographer’s Gallery, London

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From The Family and the Land: Sally Mann

A comprehensive exhibition of Sally Mann’s work is now on exhibit at he Photographer’s Gallery in London. The Southern take on landscape, the importance of family and the eerie truth she portrays in her pictures is all there in “The Family and the Land” through September 19.

Francis Hodgson in the Financial Times writes:

Mann is famous for pictures that became swept up in controversy when her photographs of her children drew charges of child pornography – but, in a sense, that was nothing much to do with her. She had, true, published pictures of her children without many clothes on (a room of them are here) but the fuss was more to do with the collision in the US between political correctness, public funding and the first amendment.

Mann does not seem cut out to be a figurehead. She is a rather obsessive artist, solipsistic even. A prosperous southern lady from Lexington, Virginia (whence also Cy Twombly), she is nearing retirement age, and we can see that in market terms, she got it right. She has cultivated the right kind of branding and market control, and is a major selling artist. Her pictures have enough frisson to keep buyers buzzing while never straying into anything that might be considered poor taste.

Enjoy the peculiar and intimate approach to life that is Sally Mann and her work.

For the well written review in the FT: Sally Mann

For information on the exhibit: Photographer’s Gallery

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