On Site: “Coney Island” – Bruce Gilden, Amador Gallery, NYC

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Bruce Gilden from “Coney Island”

It is blazing hot … why not go to the beach or better yet “Coney Island”?

Now through August 20 you can witness  decades of characters and personalities found at the world famous Coney Island. Magnum alumnus Bruce Gilden documented multiple generations of park goers with an “in your face” style that yielded great pictures (and striking prints).

From an art perspective, Gilden uses body parts, the photo edges and exposure grain … all to interesting effect. His composition is intuitive and not formulaic.

Sitting on the outskirts of the five boroughs, the world famous pleasure beach of Coney Island has been the summer destination for New Yorkers since its heyday in the 1890s. Towards the end of the 1960s, one year after he first picked up a camera, Bruce Gilden took the subway train through Brooklyn to capture the sunbathers, the weekenders, the sideshow booths and the Cyclone rollercoaster … Gilden’s ability to eke out the characters and eccentricities give the beach and its surrounding neighborhood a humorous view of daily life from the sixties through until the late 1980s.

These pictures maintain a profound anonymity in portraying what looks like a virtual “sub-culture”. A good example is one picture of bodies on a blanket that slowly reveals four figures … only with concentrated viewing. Great photography.

For more information: Amador Gallery

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