Notable: The Fine Art Photography of Natalie Young

In Black and White Photography, Photo Print Collector, Photographer on August 3, 2010 at 12:41 pm


Natalie Young from series “ Georgia & Sabine”

Catching up after some time away in the mountains, we reviewed our mail and saw an unopened issue of LensWork Extended No. 88 and saw that Natalie Young was included in the portfolios.  We last saw her work among the excellent offerings at Kevin Longino’s Gallery display at Photo LA.

Reviewing her portfolio work using dogs as subjects, we were struck not only by the craftsmanship and mood of the work but how she successfully used abstracts of a scene to convey interesting and sometimes emotional content … all without being “Wegman cute” or overtly sentimental.

We then visited her website and saw more of the same fine execution in “The Farm” series and most impressively in another one called “Elements” … it became apparent why the sample work we saw in January stayed with us.

Her use of selective focus and creative vignette combined with unique tonality make the viewer’s eye move slowly but directly across the images. Really interesting technique …

We can see why her career keeps moving in a solid direction.

Her work can be viewed at: Natalie Young

Her blog is at: Natalie Young Blog

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