Notable: Lee Lockwood Photojournalist Dies

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Lee Lockwood

Noted photojournalist, Lee Lockwood has died at age 78. Known for his pictures within communist countries he was also a master of technique.

His most striking encounter, in Hanoi, was with Lt. Cmdr. Richard A. Stratton, an American Navy pilot who had been captured in January 1967. As Mr. Lockwood and other foreign newsmen listened, a man identifying himself as Commander Stratton read over a loudspeaker a long "confession" attacking United States involvement in the region.

Then, from behind a curtain, Commander Stratton appeared, looking, Mr. Lockwood wrote, "like a puppet."

"His eyes were empty," Mr. Lockwood wrote. "He stood stiffly at attention while movie lights were turned on and photographers took pictures. His expression never changed.

The picture Lockwood captured of the infamous “bow” resonated powerfully with the war weary American public.

For the obituary: NY Times

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