On Site: Perspectives 2010: Carol Bove, Lena Herzog, Matthew Porter, Ed Templeton, Hong-An Truong, ICP, NYC

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Lena Herzog

A new annual series has begun at the International Center for Photography covering some significant work by contemporary photographers: Carol Bove, Lena Herzog, Matthew Porter, Ed Templeton and Hong-An Truong.

Perspectives 2010 is the inaugural installment of a new annual series focusing on significant recent works by contemporary artists, photographers, and filmmakers. They also focus on the subjects of photography, and its means of defining and describing critical social, political, or even philosophical issues.

“This is a critical moment in which the questions about the constructions of history and memory are not just theoretical ideas but issues pertinent to daily life. Transformations in the making and
interpretation of images, driven forward now mainly by digital technologies, have made ever more urgent our understanding of how historical meanings are invented in the present.”

Of special interest in the exhibit was the work of Lena Herzog and her photos from medical museums:

Her subjects are mostly infants born with genetic defects that prevented their survival, and although they have been preserved
as scientific specimens, some for hundreds of years, they are profoundly transformed through Herzog’s lens into beings who mirror our own longings, fears, and existential dilemmas.

Now through September 12.

Go to: ICP

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