Emerging Artist: Erik Hansen, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe

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Erik Hansen- “Dim Visions We Still Get”

Santa Fe has been a venerable outpost of Southwestern artistic sensibility for many years but there is a cutting edge gallerist using all the modern tools to present some of the best artists in photography today … Verve Gallery.

For example: Erik Hansen is currently featured as a spotlighted emerging artist in the Online Portfolio. Crisp images, that sparkle with the nuance Erik has employed in his work, jump out at you in the portfolio slide show. Great photographs presented for this century’s viewers via the web.

Industrial / Organic is a journey into spaces where elements have collided in order to regenerate, where the sheer act of survival requires a meshing of life forms that have endured. Viewers witness an exploration of ideas that seem at odds but combine in ways that surprise and delight us. We observe scenes that amaze us-what might be, what could be. We are at turns amused and yet disturbed by forms that twist and play games with our expectations. And we depart having glimpsed into our consciousness and sensed our echo, our foothold on a world we no longer inhabit.

Take a moment to view Erik’s work at: Verve Gallery

But don’t stop there, stay awhile and review the Verve website and its rich offerings.


A Note from Eric:

Since my online show is just over, you must enter my name, Erik Hansen, in the "search window" and press enter.  My images are in their files.

Thanks.  EH

Also Erik’s website is: Erik Hansen

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