Preview: Charles Grogg – Reconstructions, Joseph Bellows Gallery , La Jolla

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Charles Grogg – From Reconstructions series

Still lifes have always been an interesting subject matter and because of the time allowed and optimal conditions employed, the work can be striking.

Such is the case with the work of photographer Charles Grogg. With expertise as a commercial still life photographer, he brings a full toolkit to his personal images.

Charles Grogg photographs botanicals and other natural imagery isolated from their natural environments. Taken out of their environmental context and in many cases enlarged on paper beyond their usual size, the botanicals offer themselves up for further study and investigation, allowing the delicacy, grace, and inherent sensual details of the flowers and specimens to become forefront.

This is delicate work, utilizing luscious platinum palladium printing, that has layers of substance ready to be peeled back by the viewer.

Now through September 30.

For more see: Joseph Bellows

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