Noteworthy: Ansel Adam’s Plates -$200 Million Gone With The Wind?

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A handout photo shows Rick Norsigian examining one of the photographs he bought at a garage sale. (EPA / August 24, 2010)

We have been following the Ansel Adams “garage sale” plates story since Rick Norsigian appeared on CNN describing his find.

Since that time supporters and team members have started to have second thoughts. We decided to track down Scott Nichols of the well known San Francisco Scott Nichols Gallery who was mentioned in the New York Times article on the controversy.

Scott’s opinion, and he is careful to say it is his opinion, is that the plates were not created by Adams. Instead, it is a good chance they belong to photographer Earl Brooks. He has examined a small sample of Brook’s images brought to him and compared them to the “Adams” plate images and found them identical.

When asked how this level of mistaken analysis could take place, Scott used an analogy:

Norsigian’s team is actually a set of photography “fans”. When the “real ball players” look at this, we can readily see the weaknesses in this argument for authenticity.

For more on the “inside baseball” story: LA Times

Please note Scott has a well timed Yosemite themed show in November.

For information on his current show: Scott Nichols Gallery

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