Notable: Fielding Challenge At George Eastman House

In Art Museum, Black and White Photography on September 16, 2010 at 10:05 am

FieldingsGeorge Eastman House

Ron and Donna Fielding, Dr. Anthony Bannon

One of our favorite institutions in the photographic world is the George Eastman House where culture leader Tony Bannon holds forth as Director. The team at GEH have drawn in many supporters by its large number of programs and invaluable holdings.

Of special note is a matching fund provided by Ron and Donna Fielding.

George Eastman House offers an amazing view of the world. It has been a major repository of photographs, motion pictures, and related information since its founding in 1947. As the world’s oldest museum of photography, Eastman House has long attracted scholars, curators, and practitioners whose insights into the Museum’s unparalleled collections have education generations.

But the staff and volunteers of this world-class institution cannot do it alone. Longtime members Ron and Donna Fielding are matching all contributions made to the 2010 Mid-Year Appeal, which means that any gift you make will be doubled. Your gift to the Museum’s Mid-Year Appeal is needed to ensure the continued health and growth of Eastman House.

Check out the museum’s offerings at: George Eastman House

Consider a donation at: Fielding Challenge

Please note: Also consider joining GEH. Your membership is honored at a number of other museums both formally and informally – so join today.

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