Artist Profile: Michael Kirchoff, A Russian Odyssey

In Black and White Photography, Photo Print Collector, Photographer on September 20, 2010 at 2:27 pm


Naval Cathedral, Michael Kirchoff

A talented photographer, Michael Kirchoff, currently climbing the walls of notoriety, came to our attention awhile back and we have recently been able to catch-up. It is striking how a few artists are successful with “toy cameras” … when shot and printed with skill. Michael is doing so in a continuing series:

-      If you can talk briefly about your Russia trip …

I’ve just recently returned from my fifth solo journey into Russia to continue work for my series “An Enduring Grace”. The latest images will appear on my site in a few weeks or so. The project is an examination of the
landscape and architecture of Russia based upon my childhood fascination with the country. This trip was traveling primarily by ship along the Volga-Baltic Waterway connecting Moscow with St. Petersburg and enabled me to explore some smaller towns and cities that would be more difficult to
visit by other means.

-      What is your current thinking on your work and its direction?

At the moment I’ve been quite pleased with what I’ve been doing with “An
Enduring Grace”, and although everyone responds to the images differently, I
feel a certain validity with the work that has grown over time. I tend to
work on more than one project at a time, and when I started this one it was
little more than satisfying my own curiosities. Much of my imagery has a darker and more brooding look to it, both in subject matter, as well as with how it is shot and
printed. Perseverance is key.

-      Where does Black and White fit in the scheme of things?

Although all of the imagery I’m currently showing is in black and white,
that doesn’t mean to say that it always has or always will be that way. I love color and will eventually produce work in that realm, but I have always been drawn into the world of black and white. It allows me to be both
dramatic and cinematic with regard to the composition and tones I aspire to
achieve. Also, most of my images are also done with film, primarily Kodak
and Ilford films shot with Holgas and Dianas, and the no longer produced
Polaroid 665. Nothing against digital, it’s great and all, but I feel as though these films have been a part of me for a very long time.

The qualities of black and white fit with my dreamlike and subconscious attitudes and how I feel the images should be presented, so I don’t feel as though there would be any other way to create them. I believe I always think in these terms while shooting as well. Black and white lets me bring out the
passion and drama I try to achieve with my imagery.

To view Michael’s work: Michael Kirchoff

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