Notable: Auction Houses Versus Autumn Art Fairs

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Andrew McAttee, Spin, 2010

You should read this article on auction houses encroaching once again on dealer’s turf (in London) …

Can anything stop the relentless drive to dominance by the auction houses in the world of fine art and antiques? In recent years the main response by their rivals, the dealers, has been to pool their strengths at fairs, offering a collective array of artefacts to tempt customers.
Now the auction houses have muscled in here. On October 15-18, to coincide with Frieze – London’s most successful dealer fair – Christie’s is throwing open its South Kensington rooms to host Multiplied, a new fair mainly devoted to prints but also including contemporary art editions of photographs, videos and sculptures.

Christie’s head of prints, Richard Lloyd, got the idea from the Editions and Artists Book Fair in New York last winter.
"I was struck by the energy of the participants. There were young dealers, publishers, collectors and artists creating a buzz, and on many of the works the ink was scarcely dry."

For more on this article: Collecting in the FT

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