Preview: Charles Grogg, Ascension, wall space Gallery Santa Barbara, California

In Black and White Photography, Gallery, Photographer on October 12, 2010 at 7:02 am


Subterraneous, Charles Grogg

A new venue in Santa Barbara has a show by one of our favorites … Charles Grogg. We have covered a previous show but this new one is special in its imagery and execution.

In Grogg’s words:

What ties us binds us, and like it or not our growth and movement are limited. To break through such limits, we would have to ascend like gods or descend into our graves, and neither of these options-the latter too morbid, the former delusional-offers us any real retreat to safety.

In my work I’m investigating the images that come from an awareness of the tethers in our lives-wires, cords, strings, but also arteries, nerves, and roots. We are held equally by the natural limits on growth as well as the advent of "wireless" living, a misnomer that diverts attention from the seriousness of our entrenchment in the commerce of vital, spontaneously accessible packets of connections.

Best of luck  to wall space gallery on their newest location.

Now through October 23.

For more information: wall space gallery

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