On Site: James D. Steele, Fotoweek, DC

In Art Fair, Black and White Photography, Photographer on November 11, 2010 at 12:25 pm


James D. Steele from series “Bodyscapes”

Visiting the studio of James D. Steele and viewing his work is like dipping into the history of fine art photography. He has executed his original interpretations along side work created solely through his artistic sensibility.

First and foremost, I photograph what interests me. I don’t photograph what doesn’t interest me. Most of my work is black and white landscape and figure studies executed with both traditional and digital materials.
I love work that has a sense of light. Great photographs have a depth and luminosity that makes them come off the paper. Regardless of the subject, that is what I try to achieve in my work.
Photography is a combination of vision, craft, and editing. As photographers, we take far more photographs than will ever reach the walls. One of the great strengths of the photographic medium is the freedom to explore a subject much as a painter might create sketches. Over the years that I’ve been a photographer, there have been many changes to the technology. Various papers and developers have come and gone. Materials that were available even a few years ago are no longer available. The
emergence of digital imaging and all the accompanying technology that goes with it have had a fundamental impact
on the world of photography.
While I come out of a strong traditional darkroom background, the vision that resulted from my traditional work has
made it possible for me to easily incorporate digital workflows into the creation of my work.

Visit his site to sample from the diverse portfolio offerings and just “enjoy” his craftwork and creativity.

For more: James D. Steele

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