Notable: Strength In The Photography Market

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Richard Avedon’s "Dovima with Elephants"

An article catching the action in the auction market worth reading in today’s Financial Times:

When a photograph sells at auction for $1m, the market can surely be considered healthy. The oversize print of Richard Avedon’s "Dovima with Elephants", which made €841,000 ($1.12m) at Christie’s in Paris last Saturday, was just one of 13 prints in that sale to achieve more than €100,000 (all prices quoted include premium). And the event achieved the still-rare accolade of being a "white-glove sale", one in which every lot finds a buyer.

A couple of tendencies to note: the Avedon image (a 1955 fashion shoot displaying a Dior dress, and now bought by Dior) echoes a strengthening market for pictures from the magazine world. Philippe Garner of Christie’s has nurtured the Gert Elfering collection, over several sales and several years, for example, which has resulted in something above $10m in sales. The most recent auction in the series, this summer, sold 67 prints by the late Jean-Loup Sieff, a magazine photographer if ever there was one, hitherto barely noticed by the market.

Read the full article at: Financial Times

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