On Site: Rita Bernstein “Ghost of Summer”, Gallery 339, Philadelphia

In Black and White Photography, Exhibits, Gallery, Photographer on November 29, 2010 at 10:27 am


Rita Bernstein, Bathers

In a striking exhibit of print making skill and sensitivity, Rita Bernstein shows off her talent in unexpected images she titles “Ghost of Summer”.

The images are varied, well composed “snapshots” that take on an ethereal and sometimes eerie mood at her hand.

The scale and intimacy of these remarkable photographs belie the complexity and daring of Bernstein’s work.  Her images walk a delicate tightrope; they evoke a sense of memory and of keenly felt private thoughts, yet their poignancy is controlled and perfectly modulated by their austerity and ambiguity.  They are tender and mysterious, yet never stray into the sentimental.  Bernstein further explores this dichotomy of heart versus mind through her print-making process, which demands a high level of skill yet remains uncertain and serendipitous.  The process involves liquid silver emulsion applied to delicate Japanese Gampi paper.  With the fragility of the paper, it is impossible to produce a flawless print or make a print that is identical to an earlier one.

Great photographs, each unique, that present their subjects in an artful manner.

Now through January 29, 2011.

For more information: Rita Bernstein: Ghost of Summer

Also check out the companion exhibit: Martine Fougeron: After Prom

And visit Gallery 339 exhibit in Miami: Agua 10

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