Notable: The Fine Art Photography of Linda Mann

In Art Fair, Black and White Photography, Photographer on December 13, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Framed WoodsnowyEveningfor Web Page

Linda Mann, “Snowy Woods Evening”

While visiting an art fair recently, we encountered the work of Linda Mann, a talented artist with a great sensibility for classic Black and White images.

1. What is your objective with your photography?
My current objective is I want to create images that are artful, unique, and possess an emotional depth or feeling.  I enjoy using metaphors and try to show a bit of mystery or something that is not quite clear or complete. Although I do make images mainly for myself, I hope my photographs help other people see something in a different way, think or feel something in a deeper or clearer manner. I believe I have another objective: helping others clarify their feelings and see new ways of observing, being, and expressing themselves.

2. Do you have a favorite topic or subject?
From the beginning of my photographic career, I have only been interested in Fine Art. I am not a photojournalist and have no interest in commercial work or doing weddings or portraits. So my favorite topics and subjects are very traditional. I work extremely slowly so I have always said that I want subjects that do not move, like landscapes, mountains, sand dunes, large rocks and old buildings. As I age, I become more and more fascinated by the texture and patina that objects acquire with the aging process.

3. Who are you influences?
My father, Ralph Neunlist, was a serious amateur photographer who gave me my first camera and lots of encouragement.
I like Ansel Adams, all the Westons, and Edward Curtis. Then I studied the work of women photographers: Imogene Cunningham, Margaret Bourke-White, and Diane Arbus. A current photographer whose work I admire is the Florida based Photographer, Clyde Butcher.

4. What are you trying to accomplish with Black and White?
I shoot and show both color and black and white photographs but I prefer Black and White and knowledgeable people who have seen both, tell me that my Black and White images are stronger.  I prefer it for many reasons. I think that it helps me to feel linked and connected to the traditional  masters of the past who worked mainly in Black and White. Also I like Black and White because it is more removed from reality. It is more abstract, composed more of values and composition, than just the subject. I also think it is more moody and mysterious, again those qualities that I like to convey.

Visit Linda’s work at: Linda Mann

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