On Site: Christian Cravo, “ In The Gardens of Eden”, Throckmorton Fine Art, NYC

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Christian Cravo
Saint Michel de Atalaye, Haiti

The power of contrasting tonality on silver gelatin is to be found here in an emotional display of Haitian culture by Christian Cravo. Primal religiosity and deep relationships are the stuff of any sensitive artist’s imagination when viewing a foreign yet familiar heritage. Cravo has captured that milieu with grace in his photos.

Christian has established himself as one of the premier photographers of Brazil, all the more notable because his father, Mario Cravo, was, until his untimely death last year, the country’s preeminent photographer.

Christian is a living homage to his father. Christian established himself with a series of penetrating yet mystical photographs of the poor, northeastern region of Brazil, infamous for its droughts. This region has long captured the attention of Brazilian intellectuals and artists (including film directors).

It is not a surprise thus that a young, talented Brazilian photographer should be drawn to the country in this hemisphere with the most concentrated African heritage-Haiti. Christian lived in Haiti and was drawn to religious celebrations in two, natural, sacred locales: waterfalls and caves. His powerful, black-and-white photographs from this series push the medium of photography right to the edge of its capacity to engage emotional display, including, here, religious rapture.

Through January 8th …

For more information: Throckmorton Fine Art

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