Notable: New London Photography Gallery on the Scene, UK

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Eve Arnold, “Marilyn Monroe series”

As a new Financial Times article cites, there are 58 photography galleries in NYC, dozens in Paris but only six in London. That is about to change with the addition of Chris Beetle’s new gallery and an Eve Arnold exhibit.

The aim is to provide a bespoke service. If you want to spend £100,000 on a print by Irving Penn, who straddled advertising and art, Beetles can locate one; if you want a favourite O’Neill snap of the youthful Rolling Stones, the photographer can produce a new limited edition, at about £3,000 a print, although Beetles will limit the run to 50.

The new venue has an important link with Howard Greenberg, a New York gallery, which will enable Beetles to mount shows in 2011 by important US photographers such as Bruce Davidson, known for his urban scenes, and Arnold Newman, who specialized in still lifes.

Beetles is joining a small bandwagon. Contemporary art dealers such as James Hyman are recruiting photography specialists; Tate Modern now has a photographic curator; the Science Museum is extending its photography remit; and The Photographers’ Gallery is expanding its premises.

“And about time, too,” says leading dealer Michael Hoppen. “The UK has a great heritage in photography, and some of the finest collections are here. The British Library has 300,000 photographs on its shelves and only recently produced an exhibition of amazing images, many unknown to dealers.”

For the entire article: Financial Times

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