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Arkady Shaikhet

Documenting an emerging brawny, masculine age of industry in Russia is the task undertaken by Arkady Shaikhet in a series of striking photographs on exhibit at the Nailya Alexander Gallery.

Crisp, well composed images bring history to the eyes of the viewer today in no uncertain terms.

The need to build a new country after the destruction from both the Bolshevik revolution and  the Civil War called for master photographers with innovative techniques.  These photographers were asked to  reflect reality in a new way, to  present the new Soviet person, and to shape a new culture.  Photography was truly employed on a grand scale as  the Soviet authorities were realizing the power of the photographic image as means of  propaganda.  Experimentation with the photographic language and energetic discussions
about art (problems of form and style, in particular) facilitated the creation of a new
visual style in Soviet photography, and put Soviet photographers on a par with their
foreign colleagues in Paris, Berlin and New York.   Arkady Shaikhet was one of the
photographers involved in the creative experiments, although he by no means considered  himself a member of the avant-garde, preferring to record life ‘as it is.’

Through January 15.

For more information: Arkady Shaikhet


Pentti Sammallahti

The Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti  is on display starting January 20Pentti Sammallahti

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