Notable: Up Against The Wall, Cindy Sherman! New Photographic Murals By The Artist

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Cindy Sherman, ‘Untitled’


Cindy Sherman, Miro Kuzmanovic

Cindy Sherman has been role playing for decades and recording the results for viewers, posterity and not a few collectors.

Now you have the privilege of Cindy by the roomful:

Cindy Sherman’s new pictures are so huge that they are made on wallpaper. It’s very fancy wallpaper, admittedly, but there is no other word for patterned images as big as the room stuck directly to the panels of the wall.

This is a very daring way to make pictures. It represents a serious challenge to the market: the orthodoxy among rich buyers is that they like to know that they are getting measurably the same stuff as their peers. For anybody less established than Sherman, it would be a very odd gamble. It is not even clear that the practical mechanics of bringing such image-making to market are wholly thought-out. But Sherman has already explained (to Emily Stokes in these pages last weekend) that these images are to form the final room of her forthcoming retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Against these backgrounds Sherman places herself, in costume and character, as usual. But she has departed from her usual practice in many respects. The figures are at a scale to dwarf the background; they are seen against a pastoral, not in one.

Cindy Sherman, Sprüth Magers, London, January 12-February 19

To view the entire article: Financial Times 

To read a great interview about the murals: Financial Times II

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